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  1. sounds like something worth checking out. let us know how that works for you!
  2. I always get a better bass sound by cutting some of the bass and boosting the mids, high mids and treble. This will help you cut through better. Too much low end and not enough mids is a recipe for muddy, lost-in-the-mix sound. Good luck!
  3. thanks for that. will give them a try
  4. I have struggled with this too. Any chance @inkowathingortwo could post up some settings? Thanks
  5. interested to hear more on this too. I've noticed similar.
  6. Is this a cover that sits on top of the Helix or does it wrap underneath as well? Is the back side always open for cable connections, or can it be velcro'd or otherwise closed? Thanks
  7. I have experimented with all three leslies on the Helix. Better or worse results depending on which one. The Fender vibratone clone is the best of the lot for me, then 145 then 122. I have found that depending on the IR I'm using (I use nearly all third party IRs from The Amp Factory or OH) and the amp sim, sometimes it's best to have the rotary on it's own with cab IR disabled but sometimes it sounds good to me with the cab IR on and the rotary on (either directly after IR, on path A or dropped down on eto path B and "mixed" in with the cab IR. I also have exp. 1 set to blend the mix of the rotary into the main guitar signal so, on the presents with cab IR on all the time, I can bring the Leslie/Vibe in as much as I want. That, for me, was a very cool find in the controllers. I do make sure to cut the max speed down some from the full speed the sim is capable of running. At max for me, I like it in the 5-6 range and low speed in the 1-1.5 range. edit: I also have some (light) reverb in the background too, simulating a room, usually. I like the depth this adds to the sound.
  8. I have an L3T and it will get pretty loud with a five string before it farts out. bear in mind, it's a powered 2x10 w/horn. Given that, it really does a great job on bass.
  9. (dumb) question: does one have to take the bottom off of the Helix, to access the hex adjustment of the expression pedal? I noticed a squeak recently but it's not horrible (yet).
  10. I have come to love the L3T so much that my DT25 is up for sale. It's gathering dust so off it goes...to help fund a Helix or Fractal AX8 purchase :)
  11. I had been using JTV69/HD500/DT25 for a couple years. Recently moved to HD500/L3T and am really liking it so far. As noted above, it's very loud...I mean...VERY loud. If I didn't need it for bass guitar as well, I'd have gone with the L2T. Having that extra speaker for bass is wonderful and the form factor is great too. It's tall but the 12" square form factor and that it doesn't "look" like a guitar cabinet also go over well with my wife :) Basically, you can use the guitar cab for electric guitar. You can use the L series PA speaker for guitar, bass, acoustic, vocals, keys, PA system, canned music....It's very versatile. edit: it makes a real difference to have the L3T in "electric guitar" mode when using for that purpose. PA mode for bass and acoustic.
  12. How does one obtain and install a firmware update for the stagesource speakers?
  13. So, was there any followup? Did you get in touch with Line 6 and did they provide any help or guidance?
  14. L3T here...using for bass as well as guitar. This is a SUPER loud speaker and it sounds great for bass. I use it vertically, in PA mode with the POD HD500 ampeg model. Love it!
  15. Hi. Thanks but I returned that speaker as defective and bought a new one. Thus far, no issues with the same setup running into the speaker. This leads me to conclude that it was, in fact a problem with the L3T, not the rig itself.
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