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    Carvin DCM2004LX and TRX12N for FRFR rig

    sounds like something worth checking out. let us know how that works for you!
  2. hobbes40

    Helix Bass Amps & Cabs Live

    I always get a better bass sound by cutting some of the bass and boosting the mids, high mids and treble. This will help you cut through better. Too much low end and not enough mids is a recipe for muddy, lost-in-the-mix sound. Good luck!
  3. hobbes40

    early Van Halen phaser settings problems

    thanks for that. will give them a try
  4. hobbes40

    early Van Halen phaser settings problems

    I have struggled with this too. Any chance @inkowathingortwo could post up some settings? Thanks
  5. hobbes40

    Direct Recording: Low output volume

    interested to hear more on this too. I've noticed similar.
  6. hobbes40

    Helix cover (custom made padded cover)

    Is this a cover that sits on top of the Helix or does it wrap underneath as well? Is the back side always open for cable connections, or can it be velcro'd or otherwise closed? Thanks
  7. hobbes40

    Rotary speaker fast speed

    I have experimented with all three leslies on the Helix. Better or worse results depending on which one. The Fender vibratone clone is the best of the lot for me, then 145 then 122. I have found that depending on the IR I'm using (I use nearly all third party IRs from The Amp Factory or OH) and the amp sim, sometimes it's best to have the rotary on it's own with cab IR disabled but sometimes it sounds good to me with the cab IR on and the rotary on (either directly after IR, on path A or dropped down on eto path B and "mixed" in with the cab IR. I also have exp. 1 set to blend the mix of the rotary into the main guitar signal so, on the presents with cab IR on all the time, I can bring the Leslie/Vibe in as much as I want. That, for me, was a very cool find in the controllers. I do make sure to cut the max speed down some from the full speed the sim is capable of running. At max for me, I like it in the 5-6 range and low speed in the 1-1.5 range. edit: I also have some (light) reverb in the background too, simulating a room, usually. I like the depth this adds to the sound.
  8. I have an L3T and it will get pretty loud with a five string before it farts out. bear in mind, it's a powered 2x10 w/horn. Given that, it really does a great job on bass.
  9. hobbes40

    Line 6 Staff squeaky expression pedal answer?

    (dumb) question: does one have to take the bottom off of the Helix, to access the hex adjustment of the expression pedal? I noticed a squeak recently but it's not horrible (yet).
  10. I have come to love the L3T so much that my DT25 is up for sale. It's gathering dust so off it goes...to help fund a Helix or Fractal AX8 purchase :)
  11. I had been using JTV69/HD500/DT25 for a couple years. Recently moved to HD500/L3T and am really liking it so far. As noted above, it's very loud...I mean...VERY loud. If I didn't need it for bass guitar as well, I'd have gone with the L2T. Having that extra speaker for bass is wonderful and the form factor is great too. It's tall but the 12" square form factor and that it doesn't "look" like a guitar cabinet also go over well with my wife :) Basically, you can use the guitar cab for electric guitar. You can use the L series PA speaker for guitar, bass, acoustic, vocals, keys, PA system, canned music....It's very versatile. edit: it makes a real difference to have the L3T in "electric guitar" mode when using for that purpose. PA mode for bass and acoustic.
  12. How does one obtain and install a firmware update for the stagesource speakers?
  13. I have a L3T speaker and am running the following signal chain: electric guitar-->G50-->POD HD500-->L6 Link-->L3T I have experienced INTERMITTENT problems with held notes (such as hitting an open E or open A string and letting it ring out) beginning to distort as they decay. The distortion (on a previously clean note) begins after about 4 seconds and gets progressively nastier as the note fades out. The POD patches I am using are various amps, but even clean notes with HiWatt/deluxe or other non-distortion amp models exhibit this behavior (on an intermittent basis). I have swapped out cables, batteries, changed patches, built new patches from scratch using clean amp settings, plugged a bass and an electric guitar directly into the inputs.... There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to when or if the distortion shows up. Anyone have any experience with this or further thoughts. I opened a support ticket with Line6 and was told it could be the fan rattle that was a known issue but this is almost certainly not a rattle. It's a note distortion and it occurs at either low (conversational) or higher volumes. Thanks in advance for any constructive advice.
  14. hobbes40

    Bad switch for tap tempo/tuner button HD300. Replacement?

    So, was there any followup? Did you get in touch with Line 6 and did they provide any help or guidance?
  15. L3T here...using for bass as well as guitar. This is a SUPER loud speaker and it sounds great for bass. I use it vertically, in PA mode with the POD HD500 ampeg model. Love it!
  16. Hi. Thanks but I returned that speaker as defective and bought a new one. Thus far, no issues with the same setup running into the speaker. This leads me to conclude that it was, in fact a problem with the L3T, not the rig itself.
  17. hobbes40

    L2T Issues

    FWIW, I have a thread here and a ticket open on a L3T speaker that was exhibiting distortion on sustained notes. It was an intermittent problem. I was using L6 Link but it also appeared with plugging in direct to the input 1/2 with a regular cable. It wasn't (IMHO) a fan rattle or speaker issue, it sounded more like a circuit problem. Ultimately, I decided to return the speaker to the seller and buy another one. I'll give that a try and see if I encounter the same issue. If so, I'll sadly be saying goodbye to the stagesouce gear and hello to ElectroVoice PA speakers or maybe the Alto Black series. Good luck with your issue. Hope you get it sorted.
  18. Thanks for the replies. It's not a "wind chimes in a Cuisine Art" sound :) It's not digital clipping. The note starts out beautifully....clean and clear. As the note begins to decay over time, the distortion comes in and takes over. I have not experienced this using the same cable from the POD HD500 to my DT25 head via L6 Link. I have plugged in guitar and bass directly into the side inputs on the L3T with similar but intermittent distortion. It's not an artifact of the Link, as best I can tell.
  19. ummm, actually, there were numerous issues with the JTV's when they first came out. Both with the 69's and the 59's. So, the track record would indicate that there will likely be need for service in the future, with later generations of gear. If you need proof, there are plenty of threads here going back years, documenting issues. I own a JTV 69 and like it a lot but.....I had to send it back to Line6 for a problem with the bridge. They fixed it and life goes on. You shouldn't minimize the OP's feelings on this. It's a legitimate concern and I suspect the OP posted in order to give Line6 a message that they need to work on customer service centers or they will begin losing customers.
  20. hobbes40

    L3t As A Bass Amp?

    Thanks for the reply. How would you describe the L3 when handling bass duties? Can it get loud before farting out? When you say "small area" are you speaking about maybe a coffe shop gig or ~50 person pub/bar? trying to get a sense of what realistic expectation I should have as I'd have to buy-to-try these as they are not stocked in my local stores.
  21. I'm highly interested in this too. How loud could a L2M go before farting out? It's only 1x10 speaker for the low notes so can't be expected to handle too much in the way of lows. I want a single solution for HD500 in combination with electric guitars, JTV69 (electric and acoustic tones) and bass guitar as well. I need something that can get pretty loud and not fart out, has a smallish form factor, reasonable weight and doesn't break the bank. Any real world experience would be great! Thanks
  22. hobbes40

    L3t As A Bass Amp?

    I'm interested in this as well. Athough I'd prefer an L2M or L2T for bass. Was there ever a result of the above comparison posted somewhere? Anyone else with experience in using the L2-series for bass? Thanks
  23. So, I downloaded the "dtedit" app generously written and shared by a member here to a PC. hooked PC to DT25 head with an M-Audio UNO and all was well. I went through all eight voicing positions and adjusted the amps/cabs and other parameters and had them sounding really good. I then put the DT25 in standby and disconnected the UNO interface. Then flipped the DT25 back to ON and started playing. The sounds were softer and in most cases just didn't sound as good as when the computer/dtedit was connected. question: did I do something wrong in the final sequence? should I have cut the amp to standby then to off first, then disconnected the UNO? Is there a better way to make sure that what I spend my time programming in actually stays put in the DT25? I just want to be able to customize the 8 voicings and have them stay the same, so I don't have to fiddle with knobs each time I switch voicings. I had them all pretty volume leveled too and then when I started playing without the UNO hooked up, I went from terribly quiet Blackface Twin to face melting Soldano...not the same as I set them up! ARGH!!! Any help appreciated. Thanks
  24. hobbes40

    Swapping Out The Dt25 Stock Speaker

    I have a DT25 head and bought a Jet City 1x12 cab. Took out the stock speaker and loaded in an EVM-12L. I really like this speaker with the DT25 and POD HD500.
  25. hobbes40

    Dt25 Top Template

    hello. any chance you could PM this info to me as well? thanks