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  1. Does anyone know if there is a copy of the template that shows what to set the amp's knobs to for certain types of sounds? It supposed to have come with the amp but mine did not.
  2. teejayh

    Connection Cable

    I am a new owner of a HD500, DT25, and next week a JTV59 will be arriving. My question is what Brand/Model/Length cable are people using to connect these all together? There looks to be a lot of cheap XLR cables and high priced ones too. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. teejayh

    Which Amp?

    Thanks guys. I picked up the DT25 today mainly because it is about 40 lbs lighter than the DT50 Combo.
  4. teejayh

    Which Amp?

    I have a JTV-59 and I HD500. I have a chance to get a great deal on a DT25 OR a DT50. Which would you choose and why? The amp would be used in my music room mostly but occasionally I play out. I noticed the control knobs are different between the amps but does one or the other have more options to use? Any help would be appreciated.
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