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  1. Go for it. The model packs are really worth it.
  2. Shure thing but it´ll be great to have the control panel of an L3t to stick out of so you can leave it in the bag :-)) I disagree an L3t overheats half way in the bag.
  3. @ simbo if you mean that I hear a small audible impact when changing patches -> yes
  4. The LINE6 L3TM SPEAKER BAG arrived today. I like to share some pictures with you and discuss a feature for these bags. Overall the bag looks solid enough to handle the L3t speaker wherever I play. But sadly somebody at Line6 missed to design a feature I did expect to come along with the bag: A lot of musicians play HD Pods with the L3t speakers because it´s a great sounding and very flexible combination to play live with. -- > Bass/Guitar->HD POD->L6->L3t --> :-)) When I ordered the bag I did expect that you can open the front of the bag when playing a gig or jamming someplace as well as the top of the bag. Why? Because you don't have to unpack the L3t speaker when plugging in your HD500 (via L6 Link Cable). But as you can see on the photos: You can`t open the front. And you can´t customize the bag because you then have to destroy the the speaker protection material that is inside the bag. Flip your screen an take a look at the photos. Maybe you see what I am trying to say: Will Line6 change this / add this feature if only enough of us are asking for this?
  5. HD 500 -> Link6 -> L3t works great. Go for the Ampeg simulation in the HD 500.
  6. The journey continues: I sent the humming amp back in may. Line6 in Germany decided without notice to change the tubes, they checked the amp and returned it. I was surprised that they charged me for this. I went for a testdrive right that evening (... amp still humming like I sent it ...) and just five minutes later the amp started humming louder and louder and ... vaporized. Wow! :mellow: I returned the amp the next day. Line6 told me: "The amp has been tested and checked before return. We can fix it again but the amp is not in the two years warranty any longer so it´s not a Line6 problem." (...) I assume they checked the amp and switched channel A and B while playing. But when you have a HD500 connected (via L6) the reconfigurable analog components (Class A/Class AB; Pentode/Triode) do change too. I wonder if they checked on this as well and maybe thats exactly why the amp broke down. Or do I have one of these DT50s that explode?
  7. hey rowbi, good advice for the power supply network in the us over in europe you get constant power supply everywhere.
  8. http://www.furmansound.com/product.php?div=03&id=AC-210AE :-)) Can be placed in the back of the combo :-) I can´t see the benefit of the AVRs (extra: isolation) in EU with constant 240v all over the place. Maybe it´s good to have in the US where chances are high not to get solid 120v ...
  9. I agree. Line6 should sell branding related items via internet worldwide to a) local service centers in each country and b b) fanboys/customers. Payment should be via paypall or credit card.
  10. Hum ... -> any videos or material about Abe Laboriels setup? -> any plans for more bass amp models in the pipeline for the HD Pods? Sorry, but for now its just a teaser on the website with a quote linked directly to the product L3t. In the summer picnic video Abe Laboriel seems to play a LowDown 400 -> Link to the video
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