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  1. anthonylee

    What's next?

    On the opposite need another exp pedal. people keep buying another mission exp pedal .
  2. Its is availability ... i travel a few major European countries - NONE. On Line's 6 site to purchase a battery its been out of stock for over 3 months... Problem?....
  3. Yeh the only problem is they want just on delivery 50 euro + 41 euro battery. thats a 100 dollars!!!! a bit to much...
  4. Why cant i buy a new Battery for my JTV59? I had two. one has stopped charging... i live in Israel cant get one for at least for 4 months the Israeli dealer here. Go to germany...NONE Poland...NONE! Hungry.... NONE! England from where i'm from. Andertons... Do not send to Israel!LINE 6 site... NONE for months ....OUT OF STOCK!!! WTF is going on?!!! I cant take my JTV59 on the road without a backup Battery. Is service a dirty word to line 6 ?... and i was thinking of buying a Helix...
  5. Thomman are out of there lollipopin Minds!!!
  6. Li-Ion Battery For JTV/Variax Standard Guitars UPC: LIN-O-980340003 I live in Israel . Your representative "Wild Guitars" said it will take 4 months... I'm in Berlin for one week from today is there anywhere i can buy one here?
  7. I had very bad experience with Guitarfetish. Once was enough. Faulty merchandise and they didn't want to replace it.
  8. Elixer Nanoweb Custom light 9-46 are what i use since day one.
  9. Musicom Lab EFX MkIV Line6 relay-g50 Korg pitchblack+ MXR Custom Shop La Machine Compressor -> Wampler EGO Boss FV-500H Molten Voltage Professional - Digitech Whammy 4 MC404 CAE Wah MXR M108 10 Band EQ MXR CAE Boost Overdrive Pedal MC402 Stereo Talking Machine - Electro-Harmonix Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Strymon Big Sky Strymon TimeLine Corona Chorus - TC Electronic 60 PL's - Lava Cable High-End Tightrope Solder-Free kit. Voodoo Lab - Pedal Power® 2 Plus + MXR EQ 18V VAC9 for whammy
  10. well the upgrade from 1.9 to 2.0 didnt go well. the variax stopped completely. no sound at all. going back to 1.9 didn't help, so with the advice here went back to 1.8 worked & from there to the 2.0. now works, but cant import my custom settings that i use for live. the only way was to open the old workbench & copy down the settings & start all over on the HD. when both workbenches are open the new version crashes after each change. took me hours. what i liked on the old version was the fretboard. which made it very easy for tuning. now i have to think in my brain "is it +2 or -2 ". why?...
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