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  1. Hi. Long-time dream rig owner first time posting. I've searched through endless pages of knowledge base and forums and have found no information. I am building a custom (matching as close as possible) 1x12 closed back cabinet to match my dt50 1x12 combo. Where would I find exact replacement grill cloth and tolex/vinyl covering ? Thanks in advance.
  2. You gotta build your own patches from the ground up to appreciate.
  3. JTV69, POD HD500X, & two EV ELX112p's. My tone and flexibility would blow your mind, & your rig, and any rig I'VE ever owned, out of the water. True amp & cab simulation w/guitar modeling, as well as enough power from my FR/FR speakers to blow dry your hair. Did i mention stereo patches/effects ? I've owned practically every tube amp known to man built before 2010, and i have found my "dream rig". The other guitar player in my band uses a Peavey 50/50 amp with TWO EVH 5150 4x12's and he's insanely jealous.
  4. Cobdog

    FRFR volume

    I have the same problem, only he uses TWO 4x12's and a Peavey 50/50 power amp. My FRFR rig has no problem keeping up, without having to go over the top with my mixer levels or change the output mode. I just kneel down, turn up the master on my pod & watch him squirm. I used to own a JCM800 combo & yes they crank. I miss that amp.
  5. I find the (very short) delay when switching patches to be of little importance to me. I prefer having multiple patches per song. Because of DSP limitations, this set up allows me to cover a wide variety of tones & effects, guitar models (Variax), volumes & tunings (Variax) in any given song without having a programming and/or tap dancing nightmare, never mind having to remember whats what when playing live. You want me to remember EIGHT buttons ? sheesh ! I specifically & religiously use > A-Clean, B-Rhythm Crunch, C-Solo, D-Special (Acoustic etc.) I do the same with my FS assignments in any given patch > FS1- Drive/Dist, FS2- Modulation and so on. Most songs only require 2 patches, but some, LIKE Spirit of the Radio in my opinion would require 3. 1A-Intro, 1B-Rhythm/Clean, 3-Solo That way i always know what to step on without looking at a 31/2" screen from 6' away. I set my screen view to show me bank & patch only, & mark each song on my (paper) set list for stage with the bank # & patch letter i'm using to start the song. It just brings some consistency & predictability to my switching, and takes away a lot of guess work during a performance, especially if your bands song list is always changing on the fly. If any of you have worked with a lead singer, you'll know what i'm talking about. :D
  6. Cobdog

    FRFR volume

    That would work in theory for sure if your tech is within earshot, but getting the sound techs attention and being able to tell them what i need on stage is next to impossible in a crowded venue if the board is 50-100' away. That's usually the case.
  7. Nah i din't take it personal, i really was smiling the whole time i was typing. Lots of people can dish it out but can't take it, and you my friend took it like a champ B) All in good fun.
  8. And of the 10% that DO read the instructions, 90% of THOSE select "elites" DO NOT RETAIN 100% of that information. Therefore, you must be in the top 10% of the "elite" minds that do. You'll probably have to read it a few times, but you'll pick it up sport. :P All i know is, 100% of the people who ask questions on this awesome website, are asking because they hope to garner some insight, or conversation, on topics that elude them because they are NEW. Remind me to never to ask you for advice. :P
  9. My apologies if i sound like a richard, but buy a Variax.
  10. Cobdog

    FRFR volume

    I use a POD HD500X with TWO EV elx112p's. I too had headroom issues with volume. It was loud enough until the rest of the band decided to turn up or my speaker placement wasn't ideal. I solved it by using a dual amp chain. Same amp, settings, cab settings, effects in both chains A & B, with my mixer centered @ 0 for both Path A & B (mono). It seemingly doubled my volume output without changing my tone at all. Of course my internal output mode is set to Studio Direct, output switch is set to line, & i use the 1/4" outs from my POD, & feed one to each speaker, leaving the XLR outs for FOH. My amp channel volumes are set to 70% for rhythm, & 85% for solo patches. I started building my patch with my input & master volume @ 50% on my EV's, as well as Master Output @ 50% on my POD. From time to time i have to adjust volume levels on my EV's depending on speaker placement, but it's minimal. I rarely have to turn my POD master past 1 o'clock. I play hard to heavy rock, & have no volume issues whatsoever, especially for soloing, when i NEED to be over the top. It COULD make your ears bleed, it's that loud. :P Hope this helps.
  11. I use two EV elx112p's with my HD500X and couldn't be happier. 1000w class D two channel amp with a master volume built in to each one, with combination XLR or 1/4" inputs make it possible to go to FOH with either from my POD.. Plenty of power & flexibility, and acoustic and/or stereo patches sound golden compared to my single DT25. I contemplated going with two DT25's, but the price point was just too high for my wallet at the time. I can put them on a pole or use them as wedges, and last but not least i can use them as personal vocal monitors on stage simultaneously.
  12. Cobdog

    Patch Levels

    The same could be said for people skills, of which, so far from what i can tell, you have none. Forgive my assumption, but i feel that comment is directed at me, & it doesn't get any "snider" (i know, not a word) than that.
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