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  1. Thanks for you help guys..I think my old Digitech has gotten me sprung, as for as that acoustic guitar patch, that I like so well..
  2. wow, i can't believe that at the cost of that pod..As i said before, my old DigiTech GNX 3000 pedalboard, has some patches that makes an electric guitar, sounds absolutely like an acoustic guitar...bummer.............thanks hurghanico.
  3. does anyone know of any good, real sounding acoustic patches? I can't believe that the ones in my old DigiTech GNX 3000, sounds 100% better (real sounding), than the acoustic patches in the HD500X..
  4. thank you so much..i'll try that.
  5. Even though the patch is provided, do i i need to do is connect the mic??
  6. thank you all so much..i'll try what you guys have suggested..
  7. lol..Yes, i have that..and I believe I said, "the steps"..lol lol
  8. Can someone pls provide the steps, to how you get this dang vocoder to work? Also, can you engage and disengage, like using on LIVIN ON A PRAYER??
  9. Thank you so much..I'll play around with it some more..Can it hold more than 1 live recording??
  10. Thanks guys.I am referencing a LIVE recording, of about maybe 15 secs..It's about a bar of music, then i want to continue looping that same bar..For example, in Taylor's Swift, "Shake It off", it has that sax like sound at the beginning, that's always repeated..
  11. For those of you who uses the looper regularly, is it possible to record (for example) a 15 secs trk and loop that over and over? Of course I read the manual, but couldn't get it done..
  12. Thank you so much.I also have a copy of the Advanced Version, on my computer..
  13. Thanks guy..It's coming fairly good now..
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