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Found 4 results

  1. Can someone pls provide the steps, to how you get this dang vocoder to work? Also, can you engage and disengage, like using on LIVIN ON A PRAYER??
  2. Hi, long time lurker, first time poster. I have been using the HD500X since December 2014 and I must say, coming from a 12-13 pedals pedalboard with TB loop, the HD500X is a blessing. So much easier to use live and so much fun to create new sounds! HOWEVER, there is one big problem with it, the VOCODER! I mainly used the EHX Iron Lung before switching to the HD500X. I read alot before buying the HD500X because I wanted to make sure it had all the effects I used in my pedalboard. Right now, I have tried many setups to try to make the vocoder work, including the russian youtube video. Nothing works. Any of you would have any tips to try to get it to sound decent? Here is my setup: Guitar - HD500X: (AC30 TB, no cab) - Vox AC15 Vocals - HD500X - PA No FX loop, just direct with Studio/Direct output. Everything sounds great, I made it to work with my amp and I am very satisfied with all the drives and delays, reverbs, etc. My vocals go through the HD500X for effects on the voice. I suspected that it was because I was using the mic input at the same time, but even with the input 2 different, I still can't make it work, so it's not that. Please help! I only need to use it sparingly and would love to be able not to hook up the Iron Lung in the FX loop. My suggestion to Line 6: Fix the Vocoder or make it easier to use. If EHX can make one that sounds great and it simple to use, so can you.
  3. Hello peoples of the Line 6 forum, I have some questions about the MIC input/output and routing on the HD500X: Is it possible to route the signal from the Mic Input to one of the Balanced Outputs, while simultaneously running the Instrument Input to one of the Unbalanced (1/4") outputs, so that when I play gigs I can route my mic through the pedal and give the FOH guy the Mic output separately from the instrument output (which I would give him from the DI in my amp, further down the signal chain, due to using more effects)? They key thing is I'm curious about keeping the instrument and mic outputs separate, so the channels can stay discrete on the FOH mixing board. Related to that, when using the Vocoder, will the effected sound pass through both the instrument and Mic outputs, or just one or the other? I.e. if running my instr and mic through the HD500X as separate channels (assuming that can be done), when I turn on the vocoder, will I hear the output through my instrument output only, the Mic/PA output only, or both? Finally, does anyone know if the HD500X will have additional effects/packages that can be applied to it? I'm a bassist, and it's very light on bass-specific stuff. I've always had an issue with buying pedalboards because they don't seem really futureproof sometimes. It would be nice if this platform will be somewhat expandable. Thank you!
  4. Hey all- Curious if you can have one signal path be a vocoder with the carrier signal being a synth plugged in via aux in rather than a guitar. So the programmed synth parts would control the pitch and sound rather than the guitar. Essentially I want my guitar to be one signal path with it's own effects and then the 2nd signal path be the vocoder filter + synth via aux in. My setup right now is that I use an EHX V256. Plug my mic in and plug an outside synth in via 1/4". Sounds great, but I get some ducking and squashing since I have no compression or gate on the vocoder. Rather than buy more pedals or a compressor, I'm considering the HD500 which would allow me to put these effects on the vocal path. Thanks!
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