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  1. Here's the issue. I can "record" a part, but after that two problems arise that aren't covered in the manual, or any YouTube vids I've found. If I turn off the record/overdub and play along with what I already recorded, the looper records what I'm playing anyway. Also, after I record a part and want to use a different patch, if I leave the looper with the part I've already recorded, and select a different patch, the looped part also changes to that patch. I'm stuck. Thanks for any help.
  2. But can it hold up against a drummer and another guitar player with a tube combo? Absolutely. I think I'm going to get another one, not so much so that I can run stereo, but so I can run two cabs.
  3. Power amps, by design, are not supposed to color the sound at all. That only happens when you turn them up too far and they start to clip. That's another reason why power amps have so much wattage; they build in headroom so they don't clip. I don't know if I've said this yet, but the 44 Magnum "stomp box" amp, along with the master volume of the HD 500X, gives me PLENTY of volume. I can make it painfully loud if I want to running through a 2 12 cab.
  4. Mmm, yeah; I could do this. I was thinking of running like a stereo studio reference amp, though. Maybe I'm over thinking... Thanks.
  5. Hey. I have HD500X and am presently using an Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum digital "stomp box" power amp, which has been great for doing mono live stuff with my HD. However, I'd like to start running stereo as I have 2 two-twelve speaker cabs. The 44 Magnum is amplification ONLY; does not color the sound, and is PLENTY loud for any work I do. What other options do I have for running stereo w/o breaking the bank?
  6. croSSed

    Patches vs. Banks

    I'm using the floor model. There's an HD 500X bean?
  7. croSSed

    Patches vs. Banks

    toonsms - You are exactly right. I'm still getting used to using this device and I forgot about being able to scroll along using the arrows on the far right. Duh. Yes, that works. Cobdog - I actually came up with a very passable "Spirit of Radio" sound using 2 footswitches as you describe. FS 5 is the intro sound; turn it off and I have the verse sound. FS 6 is the solo section. I actually posted this to the Custom Tone side of things. I also posted a patch for La Villa Strangiato that is REALLY close to the studio version, at least to my ears. In that one I use 4 FS's: Distortion, Analog Chorus, Hall 'verb, and "slap back" echo. In addition to the amp model I chose I'm running a small about of chamber 'verb, and volume pedal.
  8. croSSed

    Patches vs. Banks

    I like running it in 1-8 mode because of the additional patches. What I don't like is that you have to go into the menu screen to switch to a different preset. That screen is so small and difficult to read, not to mention you have to bend down to change it. I might have to bring a laptop with me to gigs and be running HD Edit the whole time so I can more easily switch to a different preset.
  9. croSSed

    Patches vs. Banks

    Thank you both for your input. After quite a bit of tweaking I have found a satisfactory sound for "The Spirit of Radio". Rush is almost nowhere to be seen over in the Custom Tone part of the community. I will be adding to that for any who wish to achieve very close Rush tone. The tone for the aforementioned song that I have come up with is more like the "Exit Stage Left" tone than the studio "Permanent Waves" tone. Peace out! More to come...
  10. croSSed

    Patches vs. Banks

    Hi. I'm trying my best to get out of my 500X what I want to get out of it. I have been working with it to get the tone and FX for one song, namely Rush's "The Spirit of Radio". In this song there are a lot of FX switching, and amp tone going on, I thought the best way to create what I was looking for was to assign the sound I wanted for each section of the song to separate banks. E.g., for the intro there is one sound, right? To get into the body of the song is another, a slightly different amp tone, different FX, etc. So, I programed 16A for the intro sound I want, and then I programmed 16B for the verse sound I wanted. I discovered this does not work because the sound cuts out momentarily when I switch from A to B. :( So, I tried doing all of everything I needed in one bank. Well, that's too complicated. Multiple things must happen at one footstomp. Is there a way to get my device to not cut out momentarily when switch from A to B to C to...?
  11. croSSed

    Computer Lag!

    Thank you. I did the first suggestion you gave. Working like a charm! :)
  12. croSSed

    Computer Lag!

    It seems like every time I USB my HD500X to my computer a different "problem" comes up. The reasons I plug into my computer is to use HD Edit, and to play along with songs I'm learning that are played off of MP3 on my computer, or YouTube links. Now there is a lag between the time I play my guitar and the time the sound comes out of my computer's speakers or headphones of about 1/2 a second. I can't figure out what is going on! Help? Thanks.
  13. All great comments. I actually have had the HD longer, and have spent longer total than an hour. And as far as asking for videos, I've ALWAYS learned better by watching and listening to someone doing it, then doing it myself. I'm what is known as a aural/kinesthetic learner. Great reading here.
  14. The help that has arrived on this thread is overwhelming. Thank you all for posting. I'm without a HD 500 at the moment because mine quit working. I'm actually looking at selling it for parts and buying a 500X. Peace, all.
  15. Great help, folks; thanks. Now I just need to get my HD 500 working again. It "laid down" on me. :unsure:
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