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  1. bayoubill

    Univibe, Anyone?

    I found the sound I wanted on the X3 but I can't get it on the 500x. UNIVIBE. To hear it hit click on "univibe". You can hear it in this song on the melody during the verses. What I ending up doing was hook up my Roger Mayer univibe as outside effect. I still can't find that sound in the 500x.
  2. bayoubill

    Gear Box for Pod X3 Found

    I found gearbox on my old PC and copied it to my new PC and IT WORKS will all my old presets in Windows 10!!!
  3. bayoubill

    Need Help

    Yes it's USB and it works fine!
  4. bayoubill

    Need Help

    I was thinking about using the 500x for my sound card. I have an Edirol FA-66 firewire that works fine and it's easy to use. I am building a new set up for my DAW new speakers, 2 monitors etc. I don't play out anymore so at the moment the 500x is used for effects as needed
  5. bayoubill

    Need Help

    I had to replace my PC recently. The usb cable that came with my Pod 500xhd is too short so I bought a 10' printer cable to connect to the new PC. Are the 2 cables the same? Is it OK to use the 10'cable? Thanks for any info!!!
  6. bayoubill


    I've tried to delete created presets but couldn't. I'm still new. What I did was over write the ones I didn't want.
  7. bayoubill

    Updated Monkey

    I have Pod HD 500x. Thanks for responding!
  8. bayoubill

    Updated Monkey

    I see User one has new settings. Where can I find info on the new upgrades and features?
  9. bayoubill

    Tuning Down with HD 500x

    Thanks for the presets!!!! I till get the worbble and weirdness in both. I have something in my set up that makes the presets unusable. The SRV preset is ok but when I start play Pride and Joy the sound gets out of tune as I do 2 or more strings or play faster. Thanks !!!!
  10. bayoubill

    Tuning Down with HD 500x

    I'm playing the SRV, Hendrix, and Guns and Roses songs in Eb. It's not the same but I don't think anyone in the clubs can tell
  11. bayoubill

    Tuning Down with HD 500x

    It's the 1st and ONLY thing at the beginning of the FX chain. I've tried every combination I can come up with.
  12. bayoubill

    Tuning Down with HD 500x

    Thanks for the response. I have no idea.
  13. bayoubill

    Tuning Down with HD 500x

    I can't get this to work. With the pitch glide I set the mix at 100% and -1.0 down. It goes to Eb but sounds bad and unstable. I recorded a friend at a gig tuning down and he has no problems doing it and I couldn't tell by listening he just used his Pod. He showed me how at the break. Mix 100% and mix down -1.0. What am I NOT doing right? please help
  14. bayoubill

    Hd500x For Tunings?

    Is there something I need to do in parameters? Do I need to tun the pedal off?
  15. bayoubill

    HD500X: NO 1/2 step tuning!

    Could you tell us how on youtube? I really need this function. The band leader will not change the set list or the time I have to retune. The guitarist before me used a HD5500x and could go to Eb just by hitting a button. That's one of the main reasons I bought my Hd 500x. Doing what you describe does not work and I get bleed over and worbble. I have my settings as you stated