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  1. Thanks Glenn, I was told by LINE 6 support that it couldn't be done! Line 6's written response to me was "We have just spoken. I have put in the feature request." d parks. It took me a couple of hours this morning but I figured it out! Thanks for the hint in placing the effect at the BEGINNING of the chain. I didn't know that. For what it's worth to the others reading this post, my settings are: PITCH: -0.9, MIX: 100%, FX TYPE: Pitch, FX MODEL: Pitch Glide. This gives me my 1/2 step down tuning and allows me to play along with the great ones: Hendrix (Red House), SRV: (Pride and Joy), and Gun N' Roses: (Paradise City)! Thanks again! Al Principal and Owner Guitar Studio187
  2. If your interested in dropping your guitar down 1/2 step and playing with Hendrix, SRV, or Guns 'N Roses, this pedal DOES NOT do it! Disappointing! :angry: Make it a patch or an update, Line 6! Soon!
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