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  1. Solved! Like I was told, I had to use the 1/4" output, and not the XLR on the Hd500. 1/4" to XLR adaptor, and I'm LOUD as hell. Thanks!!
  2. I bought a Friedman to go with my HD500, after reading really good things about it. I sold my Dt25 which was great, but I just wanted to go another way... Amongst the things I noticed with the ASM-12 was that it was supposed to be LOUD, which is always a good thing when you need it. The Friedman is great, and the sounds I get are great. But I really thought it should be louder..? I run the Friedman at max volume, the amp-sim at full volume, and the master on the 500 at half volume, and with these settings it's just loud enough for home playing.. loud but not LOUD. I'm really worried what will happen at band practice, that I just won't be loud enough... Anybody else with Friedman in here who could share some thoughts on this with me....?
  3. I'm altso looking for a good Slash/Marshall tone. I have never, ever been able to find the classic, warm, smooth Marshall tone. My Marshall tones seems to lack gain.. I thought it would be easier as I got my Friedman active speaker, but even now I'm struggeling to find it. My tones usually comes out on the harsh side, and I don't really know how to fix this.....
  4. Do I set the HD500 to "stack power amp" when using it with an active monitor..?
  5. What is the difference between L2t and L2m..? Is L2m as good solution for my HD500 ( to be upgraded to Helix) as L2t..?
  6. Line6 got back on the support ticket. I told them I had rolled back to previous firmware, and when I installed 2.10, I got sound. NO updates after that works on my POD. They then told me it's a hardware issue, and I should contact my local service senter. Hardware issue?? How can a software update that goes wrong be a hardware issue? Very disappointed with Line6 now....
  7. Thank you all for all help. The patch was just a random one, not one I use.. But the idea of an "automute" is perhaps worth following. A support ticket has been opened.
  8. Here is one of my patches. NO sound on this, or any of the others. Trower Stoned.zip
  9. Did the pedal calibration. No luck. Silly question, but how do I post a patch into an answer here....?
  10. I installed 2.62 and the new amps at the same time. Did not disconnect my other gear while opdating.. Did not try other outputs Tried to check my settings (which should I check...) And yes, global reset has been done. I have contacted Line6, but I'm about to give up.....
  11. I just updated my POD HD500 to v2.62, and i get NO SOUND whatsoever. I had this problem with another update, solved it then with rolling back to an earlier version. With the new amps in, I can't do that now... Anyone with the same problem? I use my POD with DT25 via L6 Link..
  12. Have tried countless patches from customtone, never found anyone I could use.
  13. How can I get that?! I'm using DT25, POD HD500 and JTV-59. Any tips on how to get that fat, full Marshall sound? Amps, effects, eq's...?
  14. FINALLY! Sound! I had tried to rollback to the previous flash firmware without any luck, but the I tried to go further back, and that did the trick! So now I'm on the fifth to last update, and I'm staying there!!
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