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  1. Hope I didnt sound like I was bragging that wasnt my intention, I found a used one at guitar center for 799.00 and got thinking for 200.00 more it would crazy to buy used, I think Sweetwater gives a two year warranty, my first original has the selector switch problem, the second has the loose guitar selector knob, so mabye this one will be perfect. Just being able to transpose from Eb to E is worth every penny to me, these really are great playing guitars and stay in tune a whole lot better than any les paul I ever owned......zac
  2. just picked up my third jtv-59, been waiting for a tobacco , with pronounced stripes, finally sweetwater had some, these really fit my small hands perfect and i was scared these would be gone with yamahas purchase of line 6, the new standard doesnt look very exciting to me. I was all set to buy a Gibson studio but i played one this weekend and i wasnt to impressed, the tuning thing was strange....zac
  3. Mine suffer from the same problem as yours, since I rely on alt tuning for live use I just stay on the modeled guitars, I figured I should order the switch, because I know it needs changing, I heard full compass took a while to get your parts to you?
  4. Looks like a Crack, but hard to tell if it's deep, nut does look rough, I personally would send it back, I own two 59's and have to work the pickup selector switch to get any sound, the other has loose knobs on the guitar select, over all iam happy with the build, but I agree at 1400.00 that's unacceptable
  5. I have two 59's the same for both of them .There is no goo in ver 2.1 , it's like a stainless steel counter top, do yourself a favor and save yourself some headaches stick with 1.9 and quit worrying , I tried and tried but my results mimic yours to the t
  6. I heard the same thing when I upgraded, I flashed and reflashed, I agree with beagle 1 , the hd upgrade is to crisp, I play every weekend. It was night and day hearing it in a band setting vs playing at home, I could have lived with it at home, but in a mix it got way lost, I quit worrying with it and have settled on v 1.9 , Iam pretty happy and my guitar cuts through like it used to, I thought it was just me, but Its there for sure
  7. Wow, can't ask for much more than that ,I have two 59's that I play every week and I would be upset also if I couldn't get them repaired , hope it works out, they are wonderful tools
  8. I think they ship with DAdarrio strings from a. Cost stand point, I changed mine jtv59 to ernie ball slinky and noticed a measured improvement
  9. I took off the band new strings that came with my guitar, and put on some ernie ball slinky 10's. I tell ya the difference was night and day, no more metallic, bright sounds, in fact I flashed to ver 2.0 and so far so good, still need to play in a band situation, but iam thinking I will be happy,
  10. I would go to 1.9 and give it some time, I don't have a hd 500, so I don't have and suggestions, but I do know this, I bought a second variax so I could play 1.9 and 2.0 without having to continually flashing firmware. I play mostly uptempo southern gospel at church and the ability to transpose makes it well worth it for me alone, but last night my new guitar on ver 2.0 did not cut it, it sounded thin and the transpose features didn't even sound right, at the house playing alone, ver 2.0 sounded fine, So now I have two guitars with ver 1.9, in my opinion there is not a great difference in some of the models so that may be what you are hearing
  11. Here is a small clip I made using ver 2.0 acoustic and ver 1.9 les paul, they seem to fit nice together, no processing, excuse the playing.... https://soundcloud.com/zac-flame/variax-eleven-rack
  12. Guitar center , Musician friend, your right I have been treated well by all of them, sometimes the salesman are not well versed on the product I want, but when you figure with how many different people they deal with it, that's understandable, I do like Sweetwater because you deal with the same person and I think that is a plus.....
  13. I asked them to put 2.0 on it and they did that for me Mine came with 1.8, so I wonder how old the guitar was, I was thinking it would come with 2.0 , iam gonna put some slinky 10's on tomorrow , it sure seems like 9's right now , anyway almost have price is sweet deal
  14. That's strange, I also just received a goldtop scratch and dent, that doesn't sound like sweetwater,they say they are supposed to do a55 point inspection, mine came with a sealed battery and interface cables looked brand new also, sounds like you got a demo unit I have a 59 that doesn't have p90 pickups, and it's better made, frets are in better shape no glue residue on frets, I suspect what these are, are units that couldn't pass inspection as brand new, cause as I say my purchased new unit is a better made guitar, if that makes sense.... I've been buying from sweetwater for years and they are a top notch business , so iam sure they will make it right
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