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  1. Just acquired a JTV-59. Strings are 10-46, however, the low E sounds very bassy on all models. Almost as thick as a bass guitar. Is there any adjustment I can make with piezos on that string to mitigate this/ Thanks.
  2. No, I did not. I don't see that as a step as part of this: http://line6.com/support/topic/18284-latest-helix-firmware-230%E2%80%94nov-21-2017/ Also, I tried both windows and mac and same result
  3. Downloaded and installed the HX Edit. Now everytime I try to Create Backup, it goes through fine with Global Settings and IRs but at 35% on Presets, it always gives me the same error "Errors occured during backup (code -0806)". I have tried several times, tried re-starting Helix and the software but same issues at the same exact point. Anyone experienced any such issues?
  4. the29band

    Helix Not Connected

    I cannot get my Helix Editor to work on Windows. Everytime I turn on the Helix and load the Editor, I get the "Helix Not Connected" error. Takes about 3-4 unplug/re-plug of the USB cable. I have tried with different USB cables and different USB ports on my PC. Having said that, I have no issues with the Editor on my Macbook. The challenge is that my PC desktop is my dedicated computer for music and while I can use the macbook if absolutely needed, I prefer to use the desktop for this purpose (also because it's connected to the big screen monitor, USB interface etc). Anyone know what might be causing this issue? Is there a Windows driver issue? I have the latest firmware and editor version installed.
  5. I got my DT25 tubes replaced (both preamp and power) with the following tubes below, earlier this week. I confirmed that Line 6 recommends these tubes. The tech had also biased the amp post replacement. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/electro-harmonix-el84-matched-power-tubes/210092000118185?source=3TEM5KTBK http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/electro-harmonix-12ax7eh-preamp-tube?source=3TEM5KTBK However, the amp is making crackling noises in Class A/B mode but NOT in Class A. Thoughts?
  6. the29band

    Template for Helix-DT Integration

    Hi, Can anyone share the Helix Edit Template for MIDI integration with DT25? Thanks!
  7. the29band

    HD500 power socket is shaky

    So recently, my HD500 power cable into the socket on the back of the HD500 requires some wiggle to get it to turn on. Once it turn on, it hasn't turned off. I have an extra HD power cable and the issue is the same with both the cables so it seems like the issue is with the power socket on the back of the HD500. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?
  8. the29band

    Helix with Fender Mustang III

    I have a Fender Mustang III (V1) that I'd like to use with the recently acquired Helix. So far I've been listening through headphones. Any recommendations on how to set it up? Do I just send the 1/4" Out from Helix to Mustang Effects Return?
  9. Is it possible to update the JTV firmware without the interface i.e. using HD500 or do I need the interface?
  10. the29band

    Crackling Noise in DT25

    These good? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/electro-harmonix-el84-matched-power-tubes/210092000118185 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/electro-harmonix-12ax7eh-preamp-tube Thanks!
  11. the29band

    Crackling Noise in DT25

    I hear this in Class A as well
  12. the29band

    Crackling Noise in DT25

    I have not changed the tubes on it since I got it about 1.5 years ago but I have also rarely used the amp during this time. I will go ahead an get the tubes changed. Thanks.
  13. the29band

    Crackling Noise in DT25

    I get this hum and crackle noise in my DT25 head/cab amp. The noise starts a few minutes after the amp has been turned on and even when the amp's volume is all the way down. The noise is there with or without a guitar plugged in. Anyone know what might be causing this? Attached is a sample I recorded. DT25.mp3
  14. the29band

    HD500 with S-Gear

  15. the29band

    HD500 with S-Gear

    I am trying to use HD500 as an audio interface. With my guitar and headphones plugged directly into HD500 and HD500 connected to macbook via USB, I am trying to play guitar and monitor the S-Gear as I play. I selected a dry patch in HD500 but am I hearing both S-Gear tone and the dry HD500 tone through the headphones. Is there a way to turn off HD500 dry sound through the headphones? I am using Reaper on a macbook for this.