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  1. So I assume that -30db input meter on my mixer is normal. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone... What is the best setup to connecting my POD HD Pro X into my PreSonus StudioLive RM16 mixer? Using balanced or unbalanced output? set the output level to MIC or LINE? should I LIFT or using GND ? I'm connecting my POD HD Pro X balanced output (set the output level to LINE) to my PreSonus mixer. Without engaging any pre-amp on my StudioLive RM16 input channel, I got only around -30db reading on the input meter. Is that normal? Thanks, Loekito
  3. Anybody care to share about EQ settings for live performance using JTV-59 Acoustic model #5 (Gibson) for strumming playing-style mixed with a female vocal and percussions like shaker and cajon. Thanks.
  4. Hi, smrybacki, glad you can read my post with positive thinking. I'm in Indonesia, the country that always left behind with the new products availabilities and supports. FYI, spider IV only cames to our country just for a few months (not even a year). We still have no POD HD Pro X yet or even Amplifi. The purpose of my post is because the thread starter is not familiar with stagesource, that's why I'm only give an alternative to him about how to connect POD HD to stagesource. I admit that L6 Link is the best way to go, but we don't know whats the situation there.
  5. Hi smrybacki... sorry if my post makes you questioning more. Basicly, we're not created equals, we came from different culture, different country with different financial power, different needs, etc. Not all people are professionals like you do, some are amateurs, some are only hobbyists. Not all people will throw another $100 easily to take L2t instead L2m for the feature that they still don't know whether it will be usefull or not, and why Line 6 comes out with the "m" if they thinks that everybody will buy the "t' since it's only $100 difference? Also, here, is not like where you're live who can easily find a L6 cables, and I think you also know that it's just not like a mic cable, since it got special requirement (I read somewhere, but i can't recall to mention it here) that is different with ordinary mic cables that will affect the performance. If we living in the perfect world, maybe it's true, all the Line 6 hardware will be linked using L6 Link, there's no L2m and L3m, all stagesource is L2t and L3t, and all will be living in harmony. L2t have several input types, so I think it's not wrong if we use all other options there instead L6 Link, or there's a strict rules that I don't know, if we use POD HD, then we must use L6 Link to connect to our stagesource? And i think, this is a public forum, not a private one-to-one conversation, so there's somebody else that will read this post and decided not to choose L6 Link route for their setup. So i think, it's not wrong to share what are the possibilities we have to connect between POD HD and stagesource, and what are the settings involved to make it works smoothly. Again, I don't have any bad intention with all my posts to you or to everybody else. Thanks for reading my post.
  6. Already got chance to explore more, and here's what I got, please correct me if I'm wrong. When we want to connect POD to the main input (XLR combo) on the back of the L2t, the output mode should be set to "Studio/Direct", that is line level. If we want to connect POD to the ch.1 or ch.2 on the side of the L2t to utilize the mixer, we must set our POD output mode to "Combo Front", that is instrument level. Still not sure about the RCA input, since I don't have the cable yet.
  7. If you want to use the mixer, you must connect it to the ch.1 or ch.2 on the side of the L2t. Any other inputs than ch.1 and ch.2, which is the main input at the back of the L2t, will not go to the mixer. The ch.1 and ch.2 is accepting instrument/mic level, if you connect your HD500x 1/4" output or XLR output (which is line level), from what I'm experiencing, it will introduce a noise (hiss), even the -20 PAD activated while the mode will apply to any inputs regardless you plug into main input (XLR, 14" TS, RCA or L6 Link), ch.1 or ch.2 And yes, I also go to that decision, since it's only $100, i take L2t instead of L2m, only so far I'm not utilizing that $100, since I'm using JTV that connected to POD HD with output mode set to studio/direct. Haven't try to set to another than studio/direct output mode and connect the POD output to ch.1 or ch.2 that is instrument level.
  8. What I'm missing about the software after the XT era, is the "integration" things. Last time, I can always record dry signal to my DAW. whatever sound I heard on my XT Live hardware, can be "replicated" easily on my recorded dry signal inside my DAW using POD Farm. Anytime I play around with my XT Live, and found more preferred sound, I can directly go into my DAW, change the settings on my POD Farm, and viola.. I heard the same sound, without need to re-record again. Now, with the HD era. no more can be done, unless, if there's a POD Farm HD. But, I'm still upgrading to the latest gear and love my Line 6 gears until now :D EDIT: Sorry I mistaken with the models name.. the the XT i mentioned above should be the X3..
  9. Yes it will work beautifully... Set your HD500x output mode to Studio/Direct, Two scenario you can use: 1. stereo or dual mono configuration: from HD500x plug left output to L2t main input, and right output to L2m main input 2. mono configuration: from HD500x plug one output to L2t main input, then from L2t to L2m using L6 Link or Loop Thru output If you don't have any plans to connect your guitar directly to L2t, I think it will be useless, better you buy 2 x L2m for about $100 saving.
  10. Thanks guys... @cruisinon2: Sorry I made phil_m post as "solved", since his post came first before your post.
  11. What's the meaning of that? We can "modify" our Variax directly using POD HD just like what we do in the workbench? Already upgrade the firmware on both POD HD500 (v2.31) and JTV-59 (v2.10), but didn't see any changes on the POD HD500 menu/screen.
  12. Hai everybody. Please correct me If I'm wrong, stagesource L2t has internal mixer with 3-inputs, which is: 1. Rear input (XLR Combo / RCA / L6 Link) 2. Channel 1 Input (XLR Combo) 3. Channel 2 Input (XLR Combo) Meaning, at the simultaneous time, it only can accept 3 different inputs at once. So what happend if I plug a 1/4" output from my HD500 (with studio/direct mode, which is give the output a Line level) to the Rear Input, and also connect an iPod using the RCA input. Will it damage the L2t circuit ? Will L2t only accept one input, and shutdown the others? Regards, Loekito
  13. Yep, it's kind difficult to difference between guitar strings esepecially if they already installed on the guitar. But, basicly what I'm trying to say is, like what we all know, that this brand "X" of string said they use special materials to make the string vibration interact more with the MAGNETIC PICK-UP so it give more round tone, that brand "Z" of string said they use special shape of wire to wound on top of the string to make the vibration more articulated with the MAGNETIC PICK-UP and so on.. But how about the interaction with the piezo? Do they give interaction the same way for all brands? or maybe it's only a marketing gimmics.. I also don't know :P
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