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  1. After a lot of playing I've found something interesting: the reverb problem seems to go away when playing with thinner plectrums. I've always been a fan of 1.0mm plectrums or thicker and particularly the 1.14mm, so I've been playing almost exclusively with them (when playing electric guitar, not acoustics). But I've recently tried 0.73mm (and others below 1.0mm) with my variax and the unwanted-ambience noise seems to go away or at least not be as present as before. Hope this helps.
  2. Fair enough. I do play with a rubber plectrum holder that is held in place between the strings there but it only holds the middle four strings and does not vibrate. However, I will try with something softer holding all of them. To me those two Variax models sound almost banjo-like but they didn't use to, before updating to the 2.10 version. :(
  3. Variax Spank 2.mp3Original Lester.mp3Variax Lester 3.mp3Variax Mags.mp3Original Spank.mp3 It's not a vibration from the guitar itself (also suggested by Charlie_Watt, quote below) as it doesn't show when recording through the magnetic pickups or even heard when the guitar is unplugged. Here I am attaching 5 tracks: Original Spank, Variax Spank, Original Lester, Variax Lester and Variax Mags. Charlie_Watt Power User Members 1145 posts 169 Good Posted 18 August 2014 - 06:11 PM Body vibrations can act like reverb since they continue after a note is played. Notes have Attack and Decay like Reverb does. I would call it vibration modes rather than reverb but all guitars have them.
  4. I recorded both straight into Logic Pro X in identical tracks. All through the same channel of the same Saffire Pro 14. All I did basically was set up one track, duplicated it twice until I got four of the same, plugged the original (non-variax) guitars, recorded, unplugged the guitar, plugged the Variax (with the same guitar cable even) and recorded again. How (or where within Workbench HD) can I fiddle with the mic placement on the ac. models?
  5. Hi. I've had my Tyler Variax, 59p since January :D . I've updated it to the latest version (2.10) as soon as it came out. At the beginning it sounded great but the more time I spent playing it with this version, the more something stood out. So I went out and managed to test it out against an original "Spank" and "Lester". Recorded the three of them and it confirmed what I was hearing: for some reason all the models in the 2.10 version have way too much reverb. I rolled back to previous versions (as far back as 1.81) and back to 2.10 (and even re-installed 2.10 having already that same version in it already) and I still hear the same thing. Has anybody experienced anything like it or knows how to even fix it or turn that reverb down or off? Thanks! Mat. :ph34r:
  6. Thanks guys for all the answers! Will play with the workbench and your ideas for a while. Mat
  7. Hi. I'm new to this (forum). Has anyone had any luck trying to get anything similar to a Gibson SG sound? Any tips? It seems to me that this is the only card missing from the deck. :ph34r:
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