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  1. Thank you for whatever assistance you can provide - it has been an exceptionally frustrating experience. I appreciate your concern... Scott
  2. Writing here to vent a bit. I purchased a new JTV-69 in November 2013 from American Musical Supply. The guitar has had issues from the beginning: first, the instrument select control knob would not easily engage. When I asked Customer Support about it that indicated that they were aware that sometimes the knob is seated too deeply and for me to place a spacer under the knob to allow additional clearance. The biggest issue remains with the saddle. I have had two different luthiers attempt to set-up this guitar (factory set-up was rough), both luthiers indicated there was a serious issue with the saddle. I drove the two hours to an Authorized Warranty Repair Center (Wizard Electronics) in Atlanta and dropped off the guitar about 6-weeks ago. According to Wizard, Line 6 is not authorizing a replacement saddle and instructed Wizard to contact "the guitar guy" at Line 6 to asset them in "tweaking" the problem. They have been waiting for this bozo to contact them - and have tried repeatedly (with me on a conference call with them) with no success. I basically have a $1200.00 brick that I cannot gig with, record with, or use for anything but firewood. I gig over 100 times a year and come in contact with a ton of musicians who have asked about the JTV-69. Up until this point I have held my tongue about the Customer Service issues - no longer. I am going to make it my mission in life to let them know to buy ANYTHING other than this guitar. The technology is great, how they take care of the customer is not. Scott
  3. Good Morning, Just unboxed my new JTV 69 from American Musical Supply. The selector knob (I guess that's what you call it - between volume and tone knobs) does not easily come on. Should it require just a light touch? On this guitar I have to move it about a bit in order for it to come on or off. Defect? Thanks for your help - it's a beautiful guitar and I am disappointed it doesn't appear to be working straight out of the box. Scott
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