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  1. Thanks a lot, exactly the information I was looking for. I thought that I might be missing something, but seems like it can't be done easily then.
  2. Thanks phil! Can you give me a hint how to achieve that via MIDI? I can see that MIDI CC 60-67 are related to looper functionality, but it seems like those are the same actions I could already assign to the toe switch via the command center (record/overdub, play/stop, etc.). I would like to replicate the default footswitch behaviour for the 1 Switch Looper though, which has multiple functions at once. Do I need to use the CC 49-58 messages to simulate pressing a footswitch which is assigned to the looper?
  3. Hi, I am using a Helix Rack but currently don't have a floor control unit but a Mission Engineering expression pedal with toe switch. Is it possible to use the 1 Switch Looper with the toe switch? I know that I can assign various HX Looper actions from the command center, but it seems to me that this doesn't allow to replicate the behaviour a 1 Switch Looper with the automatically assigned stomp footswitch would provide. Can it be achieved that the toe switch behaves identical to the default footswitch behaviour for the 1 Switch Looper?
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