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  1. mshore

    MIDI keyboard

    I have my Helix connected to Reaper via USB. I want to route a MIDI keyboard's data to the Helix MIDI IN, and then out to Reaper, so that everything is going to Reaper via a single USB cable. Is this possible? I've read that the Helix uses MIDI to control internal parameters, but don't know if it can simply pass MIDI data through to the USB output.
  2. Thanks for the offer. I downloaded the tone again and this time it worked. Go figure...
  3. Hi all, I downloaded a RATM preset from CustomTone that includes a Variax drop-D tuning. When I load the preset, it does not drop the tuning, and I can't change any tuning via the Helix or HX Edit. I have plenty of other presets with alternate tuning; this is the only one that will not change the tuning. The Variax setting is "Preset" not "Global", just like all my presets. I'm probably missing something obvious but can't see it. Any ideas out there?
  4. Thanks for the response. It didn't occur to me that I don't need a battery. One less item to worry about! I rebooted the Helix and the headphone volume came back. I wonder if unplugging the 1/4" and plugging in the VDI affected the Helix? I also had HX Edit running at the time, and I've noticed that sometimes the order of powering up the software and the Helix matters.
  5. I am loving my new Helix, but have run into a volume issue. When my regular guitar is plugged into the 1/4" input, the headphone volume and the external FRFR volume are at proper levels. When my JTV69 is plugged into the Helix Ethernet port, the headphone volume is barely audible, while the external FRFR volume is fine. I am charging up the JTV battery right now (it was about 50%) but even with the battery removed the sound is (barely) audible. While I'm waiting for the JTV battery to charge, is there anything else I should be looking at on the Helix itself? I use the same headphones for keyboards and they have never let me down before. Helix firmware is 2.82. Thanks in advance! - PS when is 2.9 coming out? :-)
  6. Integrate G10 wireless receiver into the HX Effects.
  7. Does Line 6 sell power supplies for the FX100? I can't find anything via Search. It looks like I need a 9V, 3W unit. Are there any recommended replacements?
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