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  1. Slidedude

    Broken G50 antenna

    Hi all, Someone stepped on my pedalboard last night, and broke the swivel joint on one of my antennas for my G50 receiver. 2 questions: 1) I have some antennas from a XD-V wireless that don't use. Are they compatible with the G50, since they are both in the 2.4G range? 2) Where could I buy a replacement antenna for the G50? I didn't see them offered in the Line 6 store... Thank you in advance!
  2. HI all, I know you can control Reason's transport controls with a FBV Express - I have downloaded the FBV Control software, I have loaded the Propellerhead Reason control template, I have enabled the FBV in Reason, but it doesn't work. I am also using a KB37 as my external sound card, and I sometimes use the transport controls on the KB37 for Reason. Do I need to disable the KB37 as a control surface in Reason before I can use the FBV to do this? Perhaps Reason will only allow one or the other. I'm OK disabling the KB37 as a control surface when I want to use the FBV - I just don't want that to interfere with the KB37 function as a soundcard. Sorry - on the road without my gear, so I'm asking for advice so I can experiment when I get home. I did some searches in this forum and online, but nothing turned up. If anyone has run into a similar issue, I'd appreciate any tips. Thanks in advance!
  3. I was using the Dobro sound on a song and noticed the high E was a lot lower in volume. Went into WB and dropped the other ones....seems much better. Ah, computer guitars. Tweak tweak tweak. I pretty much use my JTV59 for recording at home and that's about it. Live I grab a Tele or a Strat. The JTV59 went wonky on me at one too many gigs, so now she's in the south forty....lol
  4. Slidedude

    A Tiny Little Ground-breaking Feature ...

    Has anyone from Line 6 actually chimed in on this new feature? I understand this is probably not the forum for that, but I'm curious.
  5. Slidedude

    Experimenting With Dt50 And L3m

    If you connect a L3 to the DT via L6 Link, I think it's going to route all your stereo FX/Dual Amp panning stuff to stereo between the DT and the L3. If you aren't using any stereo FX or dual amps with stereo panning, then I would think you're going to hear a mono signal from the HD500 in both units equally. You might even be able to create dual signal paths in your HD500 - one for electric guitar, one for acoustic guitar - and use the mixer inside the HD to decide to NOT have acoustic guitar coming out of the DT... Very interesting concept. I've never tried any of this, so who knows?
  6. Slidedude

    Problem - Channel A, Dt25

    So far so good. Seems to have a sweeter high end, and not quite as brittle. I don't usually use the DT by itself - I usually use it via L6 Link with an HD500. Sometimes when I'm kicking around the studio I'll plug into it instead of hooking up the whole shootin' match. I use it by itself to practice pedal steel. I've found as of late that I'm having some difficulty getting enough clean headroom for the steel - I just ordered a new set of JJ EL84's, so we'll see what happens. Also, FYI - I found that the transformer had come loose just a tad, so when I tightened it up snug against the chassis it was no longer up against the magnet of the V30, so all is good. Seems like a direct retrofit from the G12H-90. Also, imagine my delight when the reset fixed the issue I was having. I should know by now with digital stuff - "try a hard reset." Followed quickly by "you DID back up your presets, right?"
  7. Slidedude

    Problem - Channel A, Dt25

    Hey all - UPDATE: I did a reset on the DT by holding the Voicing and Pentode/Triode switches together during power-up. It worked. Everything is fine. Mebbe something got goofy during the chassis removal...who knows. FYI
  8. Slidedude

    Problem - Channel A, Dt25

    So I swapped out my stock speaker for a Vintage 30. VERY tight fit - I had to mod (bend) the speaker frame a tiny bit so the amp chassis would fit back it (transformer was RIGHT against the frame). But now when I'm on Ch A, the British Crunch voicing is very thin and anemic. If I set the amp to Ch B with the same settings it's fine. All of the other voicings seem to be fine - only Voicing II on Ch. A. :-( Ring any bells with you folks? Could this be a tube issue? I put the exact same EL84's right back in the amp. Sounds like I'll have to open a support ticket....will the speaker swap void the warranty?
  9. Slidedude

    Swapping Out The Dt25 Stock Speaker

    This is a good point - thanks!
  10. Slidedude

    Swapping Out The Dt25 Stock Speaker

    Hmm...yes, tone IS a subjective matter, but I'm interested in any and all opinions. Thanks for far, guys! STPLE - I assume the Peavey had a stock Black Widow or similar speaker?
  11. Hi all, has anyone tried this, and if so, I'm curious abut the results/opinions. I have a Celestion Vintage 30 that I'm thinking about putting my DT25...
  12. Slidedude

    New Hd Firmware

    Ah...but if you turn the output level of the POD down using the Master, does turning up the Master on the DT still drive the tubes? Doesn't reducing the output of the POD end up reducing how hard the tubes are getting hit, or does cranking the Master on the DT compensate, albeit at a lower dB level? You mentioned you tried this already, with good results - so I'm really encouraged...
  13. Slidedude

    Hd500 Computer Display Question

    Hey Jack - you gotta download the HD500 Edit software - unless it's a 500X, in which case download the 500X editor. It's free, BTW
  14. Slidedude

    Setlists, Banks, And Abcd Strategies

    Hi all - I've experimented with a lot of different approaches. Here's what I'm doing currently - and I'm using ABCD Mode. Amp is a DT25. Master is at about 50%, sometimes a bit lower. I generally have 3 main amp sounds that fit most of what I do. A Twin vibe, Dr. Z vibe and a Plexi vibe. My main guitars are a Strat, a PRS McCarty hollowbody, and I use a JTV69 for all my alt tuning stuff. FX that are always on are a Spring Reverb and Tube Compressor - both very subtle. For the Plexi modes I don't use the Tube Compressor, but it really helps me get enough level on my cleaner sounds with no breakup. The top row is always: FS1 - subtle Dynamic Delay FS2 - Ping Pong Delay - longer delay time, wetter mix FS3 - Bias Tremelo FS4 - Dimension chorus Bank One is set for the Strat FS5 - Twin Clean FS6 - Twin Crunch (same preset as above, with a Tube Screamer engaged for just a bit of edge) FS7 - Twin Solo (same as Twin Clean, but with a Tube Driver engaged for Solo FS8 - Muted/Blank Bank 2 is set for the Strat, with a Dr. Z amp - everything else is the same. Bank 3 is set for the Strat, with a Super Lead 100 Plexi Brt amp - everything else is the same Bank 4 is set for my PRS with the Twin Bank 5 is set for the PRS with the Dr. Z Bank 6 is set for the PRS with the Plexi Whew. Sounds complicated, but I basically have a Bank for each guitar, with a Twin. Dr. Z, or Plexi. When I use the JTV I usually use the Banks for the Strat, because the output of the JTV is pretty hot.