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  1. I love the sounds I'm getting out of this, and maybe an EAR IR would not be as cool as I think, but.... I spend so much damn time changing mics, distances, altering tone etc etc etc, it seems when I'm playing with just an amp and a speaker that it doesn't seem to take as long dialing in the sound I'm looking for. If it never happens I'll be cool with that but golly.... I'd sure love to give it a try. :P
  2. I totally get what you are saying, and actually that head could probably do it..... I don't have the spare cash or know how however. You walk into Guitar Center, you plug a guitar into an amp.... you love how it sounds... that is the sound you are looking for. You never walk into Guitar Center, plug a guitar into an amp, ask them to hook up a Shure 57 mic at 2 inches off the speaker and run that into another system and then go listen to THOSE speakers. I too would love an EAR IR.
  3. Anyone got a spare 8000 dollars.... this could probably get us the "Amp In The Room" IRs
  4. The original post said he did this and all his presets sounded better, so I tried it. Mine did not sound better, sounded much worse. I'm sure there are sciencey reasons for doing all this but at the end of the day I want to sound good. I do sound good on stage and at our last show I took my guitar for a walk and sounded great out front as well. That is all I need, if doing all this makes you sound better... super dooper, do it. My initial tests with my rig say nope, leave it be. I hope I don't come off as being argumentative, I'm just sharing my experience with it. I am certain most of you are much more sound educated than I, but as John Cleese playing the Pope once said... "I may not know art... but I know what I like!"
  5. I gave this a shot and the lack of high end reduced the definition of all my patches and they all lacked "punch" as well. Sounds MUCH better left alone on my system. I use 2 Behringer B112D speakers with the EQ flat on each one.
  6. Don't hold your breath, my other guitarist has been waiting for his JTV for over 2 months now, I ordered a Stagescape a month ago and it hasn't shipped yet either. Line 6 appears to be very backed up on lots of stuff.
  7. Gawwuf

    Auto volume swell

    Not yet, hopefully this will come soon in an update. Was very surprised it was not in the first set of effects.
  8. I think I'll just wait then, I don't really use the editor anyway. Thanks Silverhead!
  9. Had mine since October.... zero problems with the switches for me so far!
  10. Haven't upgraded yet cuz I saw a thread about Tap Tempo not working with the latest update. Saw another thread saying they just changed something with Tap Tempo. Can someone verify if Tap Tempo is indeed fully functional or not?
  11. Oh goody, another I love the Helix but here is what is wrong with it thread that will never.... ever.... ever go away. I'm not dogging anyone just seems like the last one of these lasted WAYYYYYYYY too long. And I just contributed to it..... damn me to Hades.
  12. Been using modeling pedals for over 10 years (this is my second Line 6) for gigging.... never needed a backup... worst thing I've had happen is having to reboot pedal mid show. Now excuse me whilst I seek out the world's largest piece of wood to knock on.
  13. My old Digitech pedal had a compare function... I loved it. For now I just send 2 copies of the patch I want to modify side by side, modify and save one of them, then play them both to see if I'm heading in the right direction, resave the final one I want back to the original location. I like your effect block scratch pad idea... gonna have to do that!
  14. Zero problems with the reverbs... whenever I have needed one I have found one that works just fine.
  15. Many product I've purchased over the past few years are digital only manuals, makes it easier to update them and saves on paper. I very much prefer it this way. Most of my books and magazines are on my iPad anyway, I just upload manuals there as well.... everything all in one place. Very handy.
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