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  1. Just had the same problem with flashing snaps after update. Here's the fix: Press the menu button in the upper left and push down on the Global Settings knob. Change Snapshot Mode Switches to "Manual Return" Hit the Home button and then save the preset.
  2. I agree… The helix is an awesome piece of kit, that gives me great tones and is deeper than I could ever use… It’s the nicest sounding piece of equipment that I currently own. and says mine is just out of warranty, I don’t mind working on it myself, if parts are available. I’ve done a lot of work on pedals before, soldering in new bucket brigade chips etc... so don’t mind..
  3. I did check that already, and the setting looked right. my tempo light worked intermittently, only illuminating partially around, not at all, then back on, then just quit altogether. It sure acts like the led’s went gunny-bag.... from the YouTube link, looks like it just has a couple of screws holding it with no solder....
  4. Cool! Finally someone with the same problem! My Helix Floor Tap Tempo Button quit illuminating. It still works, just no tempo light. So if I get a switch , that will work? Any soldering? I'm going to try to find some tactile switches as well, since I imagine those go too, like my HD500 switches always did, If the Helix uses them in addition to the Lighted switches.
  5. 3M Dual Lock. I’ve used it for years. Way better than Velcro. might be tall enough to use with feet. they have lots of different hold firmness styles and they do vary height between them. something to consider.
  6. I bought my HD500 when I was thrust into the "quiet stage" way of thinking. I was kicking and screaming the whole way, having to ditch my tube amps and analog pedals. I had a Rockin tone going, but after a year or so, with the HD500, I started liking my tone again. I would probably still be rocking the HD, but one of the foot switches went bad, and I sent it to Line 6 for repair. A year later the same button went out. I decided to invest in the Helix. I've had it for about a couple years now, and really digging it... The Helix has great tone. Better than the HD tone to my ears, and the interface has went farther towards my pedalboard layout. On one hand, it went farther towards great tone and effects, and at the same time going farther back towards the feel of an analog pedalboard. It just blossomed goodness in my world...
  7. I use 3M Dual Lock for any pedal fastening purpose. They have 2 or 3 different densities for firm to incredibly firm attachment. http://www.nghobbies.com/cart/images/products/3MDUAL_BL.JPG
  8. It's how I run my '65 Twin Reverb.... Haven't tried it on the Helix Twin Model yet...
  9. Found the solution... Press "Menu" button by the preset knob. Press "Global Settings" knob. Turn "Snapshot Mode Switches" knob to "Manual Return" Press the "Home" button. Save the preset.
  10. Just updated to Helix floor 2.20 and updated globals waited until all presets rebuild, etc... Then I imported my set lists back to the helix. now when I go to a preset the push both bank switches to get to snapshots, all my snapshot scribble strips are blinking. when I choose a snapshot footswitch it makes the snapshot change and goes back to preset scribble strips instead of staying on that preset and showing the snapshot scribble strips. Any way to get it back?
  11. It Shipped tonight, Woo Hoo! Can't wait...
  12. OK, I'll suck it up, and wait. I know it's worth it, and I really dig the latest Line 6 offerings.. BTW, the L6 bag got here last night, looks heavy enough duty, but is less rigid than I thought. Definitely a heavy bag that I can throw my cables, ear pieces, and iPad into, replacing two bags I schlep currently.
  13. Thanks for the replies.. I wasn't aware they had a supply problem earlier too... I've noticed an increase in the last few days, of folks getting their new units. (jones'ing hard) I should get the helix bag today.. Thanks for the ray of sunshine phil-m, I'm hoping my HD500 graduation will occur soon!
  14. In an earlier post, I mentioned pulling the trigger on a new Helix.... Which I found was on backorder.... ...Which was set back another couple of weeks. ...And was set back an additional couple of weeks. ...And the most recent set back was another couple of weeks, due available the 30th (in 1 week) Morbid curiosity made me look at the MF Helix offering page today. The date has changed to 7/04/16, and I haven't received the dreaded extended backorder email yet. Do you think they have given up on sending out the bad news emails, or might it be that my Helix made it there??? I'm hoping not more delays. Kinda looking at a couple other multi-fx models in that price range...
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