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  1. Try downloading the Visual C++ redistributable x86 version and installing it. It should fix the issue as it did for me. Download Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Official Microsoft Download Center
  2. Just getting rid of the fixed blocks would be great. I don't need a wah pedal, or eq, or cab and Amp or send return to be fixed. If we could make our own choices as to how we use this that would be awesome. As it is, I am unable to create the sounds I need for about 33% of my music because of fixed blocks. The boss GT1 is more flexible for $200. I am sorry I sold it and bought the Pod. The best device for the price and flexibility is the Pod HD500X. I understand this isn't a Helix. I have a Helix. But letting the user choose how they play music is a big plus. I purchased it for portability and the line 6 normal stance on flexibility and customer service. Hopefully they aren't going the way of other companies who get to big for being customer oriented.
  3. I could be misunderstanding what you are looking for, but for my configuration I have Cubasis (or Cubase on the PC) on an iPad and I want to use the HX Stomp as a dry only input. I want to hear only the monitoring from Cubasis because I am using Bias FX for re-amping the dry signal. The manual for HX stomp has instructions on page 44. Use usb Mono input 5 as the input to your dry track (mono guitar input). Select 1/2 Stereo as the ouput. Turn the Block 5 sound down to nothing on the HX stomp. Add your re-amping plugins to the track where you have usb 5 as the input and you can monitor just from the application. Obviously, if your application doesn't support input 5 then that is an issue and you will have to purchase something like a Presonus iTwo which works very well. Cubasis works really well for recording, re-amping and playing guitar. This is allowing me to get rid of my other interfaces and just use the HX Stomp.
  4. This looks like the right place to ask if the Stomp HX would work on the iPad also? I would like to use mine and pipe the wet signal to Cubasis on the iPad.
  5. Hello Macnevine, I am wonderting if this all worked for you as I want to do a similar thing with Cubasis.
  6. Thank you everybody for your responses. Happy Thanksgiving.!
  7. I have an HD500X and use it for church service. It is a great machine, old technology or not. There are a multitude of inputs, outputs, midi, etc. and the sounds are absolutely fantastic. There isn’t anything it lacks for what I use it for, except maybe an ambient reverb, but I just downloaded an ambient patch that somebody created and it sounds exceptional. I got it on sale at Guitar center for $399.00. It does split channels and I have never ran into a DSP limit yet. Now, just due to size and wanting something small to take to worship services once in a while I am testing out a Stomp HX in a couple of days. It does look like a great device and you can get one for 15% off at Guitar center or around $500. You may need a foot pedal though with it, and like somebody said above, it is new technology. However, the POD 500X is not really very old and the HD amps sounds awesome. It also has a much more analog sound than software like BIAS fx, close to actual pedals. If you need really heavy duty, volume/wha pedal (or whatever function you assign it to), thee POD being all self contained is an excellent choice.
  8. Hello, I currently use a Pod HD500x while playing at church. However, there are times I just don’t want to carry the POD and would like to just bring a small pedal of sorts. So, I was looking into a Stomp HX to occasionally use in both practice and on actual worship sessions. As I am reading through this forum, I see all kinds of negative input saying the Stomp HX is designed as an adjunct to a real pedal board, yet I see on the Line6 site that it is designed also to be used standalone. Does it work well as a standalone device, albeit, a smaller footprint, maybe with an aux expression pedal for volume which is all I really need.
  9. Hello, I would like to take a monitor input from our churches mixing panel, put it in the HD500X and somehow route it so it goes to an output where I can wear headphones and hear the whole mix w/o sending it to the output.
  10. I have the HD500x and got it for a ridiculously low price from Guitar Center. It is really reliable, easy to use, and has about every connection possibility you can imagine. However, it is big, and I just bought a Stomp HX to try out. I couldn’t believe the specs on it and taking it to the church each Sunday is just one less huge piece of equipment to hull around. I guess the jury is out to see how well it works once I get it. I also want to use it with either AmpliTube or BiasFX as a midi controller. BiasFX probably has the best sounds of anything I have, but I am hoping the Stomp HX sounds great also. It will be pretty easy to use and carry around.
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