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  1. Just a bit of an update... Thanks, Line 6 for supplying details in this thread of a third party service center that's in the same country as me. I will follow that up and let the forum know how I go on (although at the moment, touch wood, I have no technical problems with the JTV). It's interesting that out of all the posts, this is the only one that suggested a solution for my potential problem. For the other posters, thanks also for your contributions. Seems I'm not the only person who is confused by the message from a company that produces a great but technically complex product, markets it worldwide, but provides little or no support for any customers that buy the product outside the US. I'll probably look to Roland when it comes time to replace or repair the JTV. I don't think their product is quite as good, but the service backup seems better. In the meantime, if anyone has any experience to share about getting Variaxes fixed in the UK or Europe, I will welcome any input.
  2. I've had my JTV-69 for over 2 years now, use it frequently for live gigs a with a covers band here in the UK, and it's my go-to guitar. No other make of guitar can do as much, so well. I also have a Variax 700 (my third) as a spare. When I had to get my Variax 700 fixed, (new piezo's - they do fail periodically) I was very impressed with Line 6 service facility in the UK Midlands. But how the picture has changed now. It seems that there is no support centre in the UK any more. All the support for the whole of Europe now seems to be in Germany. It's not easy to send my guitar to a different country if (when) it breaks, I can't even buy most parts for the guitars in Europe. According to the Line 6 support web site, there is not an authorized Variax service centre within a thousand miles! So, when the time comes to replace my JTV with another Variax, how likely am I to spend a substantial sum of money buying a high-tech guitar where there is no accessible support? Answer - not at all likely. So, Line 6, my sincere congratulations on making a great product, and I'm very sad that this will be the end of the road for me as a Line 6 customer and advocate.