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  1. I've searched Google and other places and can't seem to find the place to initially download the software needed to program my Pocket Pod. All places I've looked either don't look like the software or look like possible virus sights. Where should I go to download it?
  2. Hello. I see many references on the net to a Vyzex Pocket POD Pilot's Guide PDF, but I am unable to get a copy of this document. Many of the links point to the Line 6 website, but when I click I get a message error from the site. I installed v1.17 on my Win7 computer, and would like to have access to a guide manual of the Vyzex editor program. Where can I get some literature on how to use this editor?
  3. I want to use my Pocket Pod on my pedal board and I'm looking for the best way to instantly bypass it via a footswitch.
  4. Tried searching first but didn't find anything. What software do I need to just record with? I'm not worried about programming the Pocket Pod, the presets are fine for now. I just want to play and record on my PC, if even all it is is just an MP3 or other sound file format. The simpler the software the better. Using windows 10 64 bit. And, if needed, Pocket pod, shows 2002/95/EC on the back Thanks in advance.
  5. I am not getting any audio out of my Pocket Pod 1.0. I bought it about 6 months ago and was working great until tonight. I plugged my guitar and headphones in and I was getting static and changes in static as I was adjusting the controls on the device. I also checked the cord and no trouble there. I only use it at home and not sure why it suddenly stopped working. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  6. Hello. My pocked POD war in Formware v1.0. I intended to use yesterday Line 6 Monkey to upgrade to last version. It started well, then the Pocked POD screen switch OFF and is no morfe recognized by my computer When I plug the instrument cord it does not switch ON neither. It's like my Pocket POD is dead. Batteries are almost new.... What could I do?
  7. I just purchased a Pocket Pod from a resale vendor. I setup the unit via dc adapter and it put out a loud static and then it stopped working. I’ve swapped cables and guitars and only hear a very faint static when I play. All other features seem to work normally. I am located in a third world country and can’t easily return it. I would appreciate any repair advice that could be sent my way.
  8. I am having trouble arranging the sounds on my pocket pod. I have found some basic sounds I like on the pocket pod and would like to arrange them so I can quickly go from one to another without navigating through various windows. I have plugged the pod into the computer and opened the Vyzex editor but none of the presets I want to use that are on my pod appear there. Don't get me wrong there are a bunch there but apparently everything on my pod is not available in the editor. Example: On the actual pod itself I can view by style. I go to clean and use the arrows to get to the Mordern Mid Punch (I don't have my pod with me as I write this so the name might not be exact). I looked everywhere on the editor and could not find this patch..then I started looking at others and the its the same thing. Is there something I am missing? How do I get to all the sounds on my pod via the editor? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello, I saw a post back in 2016 asking if it is possible to add MIDI foot switch to Pocket POD. (Here is the link to related post In the below link you may see my solution for controlling Pocket POD using Raspberry Pi W as a MIDI controller. This video shows Pocket POD connection with Raspberry Pi Zero W Program runs on Raspberry Pi Zero W. It is also working on Raspberry Pi Model B. You may connect your cell phone or tablet to Raspberry Pi to change presets etc. on Pocket POD. Also I have added buttons and Pots to Raspberry Pi via IO Pins. Therefore I can control Pocket POD with hardwired buttons and potentiometers. I modified a volume pedal to add wah wah control on Pocket POD. Here is the method Volume pedal pot ---> MCP3008 (ADC) ---> Raspberry Pi(running PD) -----(MIDI Control Commands) ---> Pocket POD * Only OTG cable required to connect both devices * At the end of the video I tried Wah Wah with tablet's motion sensor. I forgot my tablet does not have motion sensor :). But it works with my phone. Shake your phone and you get Wah Wah effect. See other videos for PD Patch, GUI Interface and text descriptions: Demo with Pocket POD connected to Raspberry Pi: PD & MIDI Configuration: PD GUI remote connection demo: RoboRemo remote connection demo: Tablet GUI for remote (WiFi) Connection Pure Data (PD) Program on Raspberry Pi W Android Cell Phone connection over WiFi PD TCP Connection for Android
  10. Hello, I'm trying to fix my pocket pod. I've got an issue where a capacitor has leaked and when I connect to the pocket pod with my headphones I hear a clicking sound. I've found other posts that have identified the cause and the capacitor that needs replacing, which I'm comfortable with doing. But, for the life of me I can't get the control knobs off so I can get to the other side of the board. Has anyone else had a crack at this? I've search around and can't find anything on it. Or, if someone is familiar with the repair am I tackling it the wrong way. Many thanks
  11. Hi, I tried to connect with Line 6 Monkey Version 1.72 to my pocket POD. But here is no pocket POD in the dropdown box of the devices... Must I use another, compatible device? Thx!
  12. Hi, everybody! Strange case! When I use my line 6 pocket pod with power supply DC 9V and Vyzex Pocket POD direct control through USB then happen the problem with intermittent output signal loss after 30 minutes of work with device. It same happen without USB connecting... This is especially evident on fuzz effects. Thanx!
  13. Requesting for earlier Pocked Pod 1.0 firmware ppf file. Can't revert back to it and download section doesn't have it.
  14. Hi all, I am hoping that someone in farawayland can help... Mainly I play acoustic - a Martin D-28 with an Anthem SL. In need of a delay, my first choice was a Boss DD-7, but attracted by the possibility of presets, I bought a Pocket Pod. Last night I played around with various delay times and feedback and set six or so presets for particular songs. I thought that I had bypassed everything except the delay, ie: Cabinet Tuning = Direct; Cabinet Model = No Cab, but after the first set today I had to unplug from the Pocket Pod, because it had affected my tone so much. Everything was very toppy - nicely balanced across all frequencies, but completely lacking "fullness". Again, I am pretty sure that through Vyzex I had all possible culprit switches turned off - particularly EQ. Last minute, last night, I was setting the presets through my Genelec monitors in my control room and suspected that there was some serious colouring happening, but I don't normally put the Anthem SL through those monitors! A sensible guitarist would have set up the PA and realised that there was an issue. As it's the silly season, I suspect that Support won't be free to answer questions, but as it is the silly season I have quite a lot of gigs so would appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks muchly...
  15. Hi I just bought a used Pocket POD and decided to update the firmware (flash). Well the update has been running for over an hour now, see attached image. Suggestions? Thank you in advance David
  16. Hey people I've been using my Pocket Pod for some time and the background humming/buzzing from the device not being grounded is really annoying. What do others do to ground the device? I've found that connecting the "MP3-in port" to my PC grounds it perfectly, however, I am not able to ground it using my phone as an example
  17. Hello there! I bought a used Pocket Pod and it doesn't have any presets: the 4 way button doesn't recall any settings as it should according to the manual. I tried syncing Pocket Pod factory SQS file, but transfer status is stuck at "Now syncing entire set to Pocketpod". What am I doing wrong? Please help. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I had a problem many people complain about and few get answered. My Pocket POD worked perfectly on my desktop, but on the laptop it did not. Every time I connected the USB to any laptop port the POD worked for a few seconds to a minute, then suddenly shutdown and rebooted. I tweaked USB power settings, I changed out multiple USB cables. I moved to different ports. Sometimes everything seemed to be resolved only to have it do a sudden reboot once again. By chance while googling various phrases to find a solution I randomly discovered that a wireless mouse may be interfering with MIDI. I changed my wireless mouse to a wired mouse and the problem was solved.
  19. I just installed Vyzex onto a 2012 MBP running El Cap. Plugged the guitar cable in, plugged the USB into the rear USB port. The Computer reports new midi ports available. My Pocket POD did not power up (it was working minutes before). Vyzex asks me to configure midi ports. Then offers a grey screen/window. LED next to TAP button flashes every second or so. Unit is otherwise dead. After removing the USB and powering the POD down, re-inserting the Guitar cable now cannot wake/boot the pod. The TAP light still flashes and is responsive to tap timing changes. Phones with a guitar in are dead apart from a faint "machine" hum. Tried factory reset. Nada. Any ideas on what to do next? The PPod is relatively new and the software undoubtably affected it.
  20. Hello, can someone help me? search settings for my Pocket POD Drowning Pool - Tear Away Placebo - The Bitter End Arctic Monkeys - 505 nothing found here in "Custom Tone"
  21. Hi could someone please help me I have just got a second hand pocket pod and I'm trying to download custom tones for it. but I cant find the software for it I'm running windows 10. any help would be appreciated. andy
  22. I am a brand new Pocket Pod user (and very new to electronic music stuff). When I (for example) set the 'DRIVE' pot to maximum, then when I hold down Save/ALT and turn that same POT the BASS will have been set to max. So assume that I want Max DRIVE and middle BASS, if I then set BASS (hold down SAVE and turn the DRIVE/BASS pot) to the middle, the DRIVE will also have been changed to the middle setting. All the POTS seem to work this way and this just seems wrong to me. How do I independently set DRIVE vs. BASS, EFFECTS vs MID, etc? Or is the "other" setting unchanged until you tweak the pot? Thank you. dave
  23. Hi everyone, I signed up to post this because I searched and couldn't find a solution, but have found something that works for me. I bought a second hand Pocket Pod some time ago. It's possible that it is a faulty unit, but I always had noise issues with it. The noise was constant and sounded like a single coil pickup in a noisy environment, even though I was using a humbucker in a quiet environment. The noise was there even when using battery power and headphones - i.e. nothing was plugged into the wall. I noticed that when I used a guitar with active pickups, the noise wasn't there. So I figured it might be to do with the impedance. I tried putting a pedal with a high impedance output in front of the Pod (EHX LPB-1 -> 10k ohm on the output) and playing through passive pickups - bingo! The noise was gone. The unit is now dead silent, like plugging into an amp. The quality of the amp sims is now much more apparent so I might even do some recording with the unit, whereas before it felt more like a toy or late night practice rig. I couldn't find anything in the manual which specifies that the Pocket Pod requires a high impedance input, so I don't know, perhaps my unit is faulty. But this worked for me so hopefully it will help someone else out there. cheers, - Steve.
  24. Where can i find Vyzex for the pocket pod? I looked all over and cannot find it anywhere. Saw it on U-tube but nowhere else.
  25. The screen on my Pocket Pod has only orange backlight but not seen any other characters, but is working with the menu can be changing presets. Any idea how to fix? Thanks
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