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  1. OK - I hereby declare myself to be a finalist for "Dunce of the Decade". The HD500X has a CD/MP3 player input. Duh ........... dave
  2. pianoguy, thanks. That was not obvious from my (probably deficient) reading of the manual. FWIW, I don't 'need' the POD to stream to my speakers. But my speakers are connected to the POD and I was looking for a simple alternative to use them as audio streaming speakers as well (without having to switch the speaker inputs). I had been using the POD as my computer system sound device until I changed my interests a bit expanding to some alternative/newer audio formats like dsd and MQA. dave
  3. I am the OP here, and for completeness I ended up with a pair of Sennheiser HD650's (considered relatively hard to drive, but not the toughest). They work fine off the HD500x, athough I ended up using a idi Nano idsd BL for access to a better DAC (MQA and DSD capabilities). dave
  4. I have a POD HD500x that I use pretty casually. The outputs drive a pair of JBL LSR305 active speakers. I am a pretty light duty user of this device (low level of understanding of what is going on here).. I have a ifi Nano iDSD BL DAC/Headphone amp device with both low and hi impedance headphone outputs plus a Line Out. I would like to take the output of this DAC/Amp and send it to my speakers. The simplest path would seem to be to go from the Line Out to the AUX input of the HD500x. Then just use a preset with nothing in the path, mixer set to neutral, and input 1 set to AUX with input 2 set to SAME. Is there a better solution here? I do NOT need to be using the HD500x for anything in this case - just looking to get from the DAC/Amp output to my speakers (I would be streaming music off Tidal in this case). Thanks. dave
  5. To what degree is the headphone output specified (POD HD500X) by Line 6. I am wondering if high end, known to be hard to drive headphones like Sennheiser 650's can be driven with good quality without a headphone amp. Thanks. dave
  6. I guess that I will leave this here for future reference. But in the Windows Dialog of Speaker (rt. click) -> Recording Devices -> Recording Tab -> Digital Audio Interface Properties -> Custom Tab, you will find a handy dandy "Microphone Boost" option that seems to resolve this. dave
  7. I am pretty new to all this stuff and am running a HD500X into a pair of monitor speakers (1/4" line connection to my guitar and to the speakers) and use the POD editor to control things. My laptop is a relatively recent Dell XPS running Windows 10. All updates that I am aware of have been applied either via the Line6 Monkey or Windows Update. I am using the Line6 drivers. I just installed Audacity to do some simple recording. The problem that I have is that Audacity sees EXTREMELY low input signals from my 500X. Where Audacity would suggest input levels (as they measure them) of around -6db, I cannot get anything higher than maybe -20db. And I only get that by maxing out channel volume and master (and turning down the volume controls mounted on my monitor speakers so that it is not unbearably loud). I have set the 'Levels' on my Windows 10 DIgital Audio Interface Properties to the max (100). I also set the recording input level on Audacity to the max. Something seems to be wrong here. I did notice that the time I recorded via my webcam (again through the Line6 sound card) things were quieter than I would wish. Is there some other path to "turning up the volume" on the HD500X -> laptop path? Thanks. dave
  8. Space - THANKS! Sounds like it was user error, and the error was my choice of configuration (where the intended design was that XLR inputs would go to places where you would normally be plugging in a mic - obviously not a active speaker). dave
  9. BB - an interesting possibility. I have not yet found those levels spec'ed anywhere, but I assume it is out there somewhere. I will say that, based on my limited knowledge and limited effort put in so far, I would judge the configuration that I am using to be unworkable (which is surprising, so I still suspect user error). Rock, I started out controlling things with my laptop through the PODHD software, but to take that variable out I ended up doing it directly from the controls on HD Pod device. So the Master (and other referenced controls) were done on the POD device (hence, the Master Level Control was on 10). Thanks. dave
  10. I bought a HD500X a few months back and at the time it drove a single JBL LR305 (5 inch) monitor speaker connected via a single 1/4" TS cable. NOTE - the LR305 has balanced XLR and TRS inputs. It worked just fine for my guitar purposes (Gibson ES-175D), But primarily so I could stream stereo music through my laptop, I recently bought a second speaker and a pair of balanced XLR cables. And for whatever reason the volume that I get out of this configuration is dramatically lower than it is using one speaker with a TS cable. For example if I set up the simplest conceivable preset of just a Blackface amp with no effects or anything else, and set my neck pickup at max volume, amp Master at MAX, Channel Volume at MAX, amp Tone controls at 10, and the Drive at 50% you have to listen very carefully to be sure that what you are hearing is coming from the speakers and not the guitar (which is not as loud as a normal acoustic but louder than a Stratocaster). Just swap out the speaker cable to the TS driving one speaker (take other speaker out) and it is MUCH louder. And I notice the same phenomenon when streaming music, although it somehow seems less pronounced. I know darn little about this stuff but this is backwards from what I would expect. The TS input into the balanced TRS input of the JBL's should be half the total signal, so I would expect the volume to be lower in this case. But as I said I know very little about this stuff. Thoughts/comments on this? Thanks. dave
  11. That is odd as I downloaded them and got what surely looks like the original set of presets to me. dave
  12. PB - THANK YOU! For some reason I just wanted "all the originals", even though I haven't found one I like. dave
  13. Thanks for the additional info. FWIW, if you are connected to your HD (with the Vintage Model Pak, for example), and turn off your HD device while in the editor any amp models that 'used to be in the editor' are now gone. Interesting. dave ps. Duncann, you used the term 'vacate the HD' in your response. I'm curious as to why you used that terminology as I was not interested in getting something 'off' the HD, I was simply interested in the Editor treating the Vintage Pak amps/cabs in the same way it treats the default set. It never occurred to me that this process might involve removing something from my HD.
  14. Thanks for the comments. On a related note, two additional questions regarding the 'Vintage Pak" (which I own). 1) If I do a reset will I be able to simply reinstall the Pak (via Monkey I would assume)? 2) The amps in the Vintage Pak only show up in the Windows Editor when the HD is connected. Is there a way to get those 'into' the Editor? Thanks. dave
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