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  1. I meant to add, I had the pedal turned off when I used it - I was just using it to change the signal from low impedance to high, not for the effect.
  2. Hi everyone, I signed up to post this because I searched and couldn't find a solution, but have found something that works for me. I bought a second hand Pocket Pod some time ago. It's possible that it is a faulty unit, but I always had noise issues with it. The noise was constant and sounded like a single coil pickup in a noisy environment, even though I was using a humbucker in a quiet environment. The noise was there even when using battery power and headphones - i.e. nothing was plugged into the wall. I noticed that when I used a guitar with active pickups, the noise wasn't there. So I figured it might be to do with the impedance. I tried putting a pedal with a high impedance output in front of the Pod (EHX LPB-1 -> 10k ohm on the output) and playing through passive pickups - bingo! The noise was gone. The unit is now dead silent, like plugging into an amp. The quality of the amp sims is now much more apparent so I might even do some recording with the unit, whereas before it felt more like a toy or late night practice rig. I couldn't find anything in the manual which specifies that the Pocket Pod requires a high impedance input, so I don't know, perhaps my unit is faulty. But this worked for me so hopefully it will help someone else out there. cheers, - Steve.
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