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  1. Hi, I'm a Pocket Pod novice, so hopefully a seasoned user can offer better informed advice. I made my purchase two days ago and gave the unit a good run through in the shop. Also, I took my own batteries so that they wouldn't have to break into a new packet. It was dong pretty much what I expected it to do, but it did seem to keep rebooting, particularly when being jiggled around - like a loose connection. We swapped out the leads and plugged in a PSU, but a light shake still caused a reboot... THEN... the manager threw away my poxy, new batteries and put in some brand spanking new ALKALINE batteries and I thought "Fat chance! No way!" Imagine my surprise when it worked. The manager did a vigorous dance around the practice room, shaking the pocket pod while I played and no rebooting! Worked for me! My problem now is to find a setting that doesn't stuff up my acoustic guitar tone, but allows me to use the effects and presets of the Pocket Pod, but that's another story!!! Good luck.
  2. Hi all, I am hoping that someone in farawayland can help... Mainly I play acoustic - a Martin D-28 with an Anthem SL. In need of a delay, my first choice was a Boss DD-7, but attracted by the possibility of presets, I bought a Pocket Pod. Last night I played around with various delay times and feedback and set six or so presets for particular songs. I thought that I had bypassed everything except the delay, ie: Cabinet Tuning = Direct; Cabinet Model = No Cab, but after the first set today I had to unplug from the Pocket Pod, because it had affected my tone so much. Everything was very toppy - nicely balanced across all frequencies, but completely lacking "fullness". Again, I am pretty sure that through Vyzex I had all possible culprit switches turned off - particularly EQ. Last minute, last night, I was setting the presets through my Genelec monitors in my control room and suspected that there was some serious colouring happening, but I don't normally put the Anthem SL through those monitors! A sensible guitarist would have set up the PA and realised that there was an issue. As it's the silly season, I suspect that Support won't be free to answer questions, but as it is the silly season I have quite a lot of gigs so would appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks muchly...
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