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Found 3 results

  1. I really wanted to love the helix. I'm not new to the world of Line 6. I had an original Variax, Kidney bean, and my fair share of spider amps. As much fun as the effects and experiencing the progress of modeling was, I always found myself gravitating back to my traditional tube amps. As time passed though, I transitioned into the world of acoustics. As such, over the years I've sold off all of my traditional amps. I found myself recording primarily acoustic renditions of songs, and using DAW plugins (S-Gear 2, GTR5, etc) when recording electrics was necessary. However, I've had my eye on a new age amp modeler since the original Axe Fx came out, but never pulled the trigger on one. Years have gone by since then, and I've watched countless Axe Fx 2 and KPA videos, coming ever so close to pulling the trigger on one. Then the Helix came out. Granted, I just found out about it a couple of weeks ago, and since then have crammed more demo videos into my head than I probably should. But it was exciting. I decided the time had come to jump back into the modeling world, so I pulled the trigger on a Helix Rack, spent the money to next day it, and waiting anxiously for it to arrive. The reason why I'm giving you this backstory, is because I want you to understand that I've been in the music world for quite a while, and know my way around customizing tones. However, to save my life, I can't squeeze a good lead tone out of this box. Let me give you a run down on my setup: I'm using my PRS P22 going into the Helix, helix XLR out into my Apogee Quartet, Apogee Quartet into my computer via USB and into Logix Pro X, then output from my Quartet into my Yamaha HS8s with matching HS8 sub. It's worth noting that I've also tried going directly into my DAW via Helix USB, and it doesn't really make a difference. As far as my Helix settings go, Guitar pad is off, impedance set to auto, and no global eq. I've tried just about all of the different amps with cabs, even through in a few OH impulses, and the best way I can describe the lead sounds are digital. Especially in the high register, they have what I can only describe as the classic line 6 digital sizzle/fizz. Very thin. For comparison, I threw on a standard cali rectifier, no adjustments and it sounded weak. But when I listen to the following, I'm blown away: I know he's most likely rocking some active pickups, but it still shouldn't make THAT big of a difference. I almost wonder if I have a defective unit. If it's worth anything, when I turn the power switch on it takes about 3-4 seconds until the screen lights up. Is that normal? I would love some suggestions. I really want to make this box work, but so far I'm better off sticking with S-Gear 2 for the times I need to record.
  2. Mine arrived with a bad scribble strip (see pic). All the money I paid for priority shipping is wasted as customer support says the cannot pre-ship the replacement unit. This is very disappointing. Any other defects out there?
  3. Hello all, My problem with my HD500x is humming and buzzing, mostly with LED lighting and neon lightning. My first 2 gigs with the unit were all quiet, we were using my drummers Chauvet 4-bar mini LED lights. The third gig and every gig from then on, with the same setup, I got this loud buzzing through my HD500x. It was so loud, it was unusable. Shutting the lights off got rid of it. Now picking up buzzing from neon lights in the bars as well as other buzzing at different locations, some bars worse than others. I tried another power supply - no luck. Tried an Ebtech Hum x - no luck. Tried an ABS power filter - no luck. I'm running straight into the PA through XLR's and using the 1/4 inch outs to my monitor. The ground lift does nothing. Pad switch is at normal, output set to Studio/Direct. Noise gates help a little but the LED buzzing is too loud to gate. I'm running out of options here. I love the sound of the HD500x but the noise issue is killing me. It seems every place I play has some buzz issue. Anyone else have these issues? I can't understand why the first 2 gigs I played were fine and now I got noise. The only thing different is that I tweaked the patches, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it. I'm thinking I may have gotten a bad unit since I can't find a solution. Thanks for any help....
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