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  1. Honestly I don’t think it will ever be a “stock item” up here in Canada. When I ordered mine I inquired with Long & McQuade (who also owns Yorkville, which distributes Line 6 for Canada) and was told straight up the Shuriken was considered a special order item. 25% down (which amounted to just over $500) just to have them place the order. Also, if I didn’t like the guitar and returned it, 25% restocking fee (buh bye deposit). Ultimately I did order it though but it took a little over 3 months for me to receive it. As @cruisinon2 has said with this whole pandemic thing, I expect you could easily tack a couple of extra months on to my 3 month time frame. It’s a fantastic instrument and I’m glad I purchased it but patience is definitely key.
  2. DI confirmed over on TGP that this will be happening with 3.0 and not 2.9. So hopefully later summer/early fall?
  3. All I did was create a preset called Helix on my PC+. Then if I want to get a little bit of visual feedback, when I’m programming a a preset on my Helix I just set the color change on the output block to correspond with the speaker’s color.
  4. Not sure about your pedal but as far as which ones work, there’s always the Line 6 ones from Mission: https://www.missionengineering.com/shop-2/products/expression/specific-use-exp/ep1-l6-line-6/ They are most definitely on the pricey side but they are also extremely well built and solid construction.
  5. Oops this was meant to be a reply to a different thread. Not quite sure how I managed this colossal mixup. My bad.
  6. Also it goes with out saying, don’t forget to save in between each Snapshot adjustment. It’s definitely something I forget from time to time.
  7. I think there is a bug in HX Edit when trying to do it via the software but I’ve had no issues setting up per Snapshot changes directly on my Helix.
  8. FYI folks, Stevic has approved a design on a custom fit case for the 25.5” and 27” Shuriken. Preorders are being taken here: http://shurikenguitars.strikingly.com/
  9. Well my grandmother’s already hooked on meth and I don’t believe in global warming. Good to go!!
  10. The regular tuning banks (D standard, baritone, etc.) are mapped to be used with the guitar in standard tuning. When you get to the custom tuning banks and the modeled tunings in the custom guitar and Shuriken banks, those are mapped for dropped D as they are Stevic’s Custom tunings and he keeps his guitar in dropped D. Myself, I’ve kept it in standard and ended up overwriting the custom tuning banks with my own.
  11. Wow!! Thanks a lot man, extremely solid work and much appreciated. I will definitely be digging into this sometime over the weekend.
  12. In order to use the head with the cab you would need some kind of load box with a line out. For instance, I have a Mesa Cab Clone that I can use with my amp head so that I can safely use it with my Powercab.
  13. I believe it should do a full install, but if you already did an upgrade maybe it’s something to do with the hardware and wiring of the board and piezos.
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