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  1. SymphonicDischord

    Shuriken Hardshell Case

    FYI folks, Stevic has approved a design on a custom fit case for the 25.5” and 27” Shuriken. Preorders are being taken here: http://shurikenguitars.strikingly.com/
  2. Well my grandmother’s already hooked on meth and I don’t believe in global warming. Good to go!!
  3. SymphonicDischord

    My Shuriken arrived this week

    The regular tuning banks (D standard, baritone, etc.) are mapped to be used with the guitar in standard tuning. When you get to the custom tuning banks and the modeled tunings in the custom guitar and Shuriken banks, those are mapped for dropped D as they are Stevic’s Custom tunings and he keeps his guitar in dropped D. Myself, I’ve kept it in standard and ended up overwriting the custom tuning banks with my own.
  4. SymphonicDischord

    Powercab Plus MIDI Control with Helix MIDI

    Wow!! Thanks a lot man, extremely solid work and much appreciated. I will definitely be digging into this sometime over the weekend.
  5. SymphonicDischord

    Powercab with pedals?

    In order to use the head with the cab you would need some kind of load box with a line out. For instance, I have a Mesa Cab Clone that I can use with my amp head so that I can safely use it with my Powercab.
  6. SymphonicDischord

    Shuriken Alt Tuning Strings reversed...

    I believe it should do a full install, but if you already did an upgrade maybe it’s something to do with the hardware and wiring of the board and piezos.
  7. SymphonicDischord

    Shuriken Alt Tuning Strings reversed...

    Have you tried reflashing the firmware? Maybe something got goofed on the initial install.
  8. SymphonicDischord

    Variax repairs in Canada

    I would suggest talking with someone at our local Long & McQuade. Yorkville is the distributor for L6 in Canada and they should be able to point you in the right direction or at least lay out your options.
  9. SymphonicDischord

    Very good idea, but ....

    I think it’s a case of too each their own possibly. I’ve got no problems with how my Variax acoustic setting sounds through it and I’ve had no issues in the FRFR mode using either my direct patches with cab sims/IRs or the onboard Allure IRs. Overall, I’ve been quite pleased with the cab and have been thoroughly enjoying it. If they can get L6 Link to start sending program changes in the next Helix update, then that’ll just be the icing on the cake for me.
  10. SymphonicDischord

    Considering Variax...what are the gotcha's??

    Yes, that is the software for creating and editing presets for the guitar.
  11. SymphonicDischord

    Very good idea, but ....

    Not necessarily, you could always drop an FX send block set to line level right before your cab/IR block and then you could feed that into the PC.
  12. SymphonicDischord

    Helix and noise gate

    Sure there’s a few different ways you could accomplish this. First off if your using a noise gate block, you could setup a stomp that engages both the noise gate and the rat when you need it and bypasses them both when you don’t. Alternatively if you want to use the noise gate on the input block, you could set up a Snapshot with that and the rat engaged and a second one without.
  13. SymphonicDischord

    Powercab 112+ speaker/IR changes via L6 Link

    No, this can only be done via midi right now. But I’ve submitted this to Ideascale: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Power-Cab+-L6-Link-Integration/928678-23508#idea-tab-comments
  14. SymphonicDischord

    Kemper Amp Clearance Question

    I believe DI mentioned over at TGP that one of the main reasons for the lo-pro handle was for placing different modelers on top of the PC and he specifically name dropped Kemper.
  15. SymphonicDischord

    Line 6 Power Cab

    I believe I saw in a post on TGP from DI that the mic used on the XLR out is a SM57.