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  1. I didnt create a ticket in-case if i got an answer here. It could be something I am missing but I dont think so. I have made quite a few alternate tunnings that I use which works fine. This is the first time i attempted to increase volume volume which didnt work. In the Lester mode, i increased the 'level' to 6db and then downloaded it back to guitar. However, there is no increase in pick-up volume. I also tried the same thing by increase the 'preset' volume to 6db, which didnt do anything either. So question is, am i missing something.
  2. Hi, Do you have expierence with jtv89-f volume settings?


    I am trying to set one setting on leister pickups to higher volume for solo boost stuff etc. I am trying to increase volume of piezo from the software but there is no change in the volume. I have saved the preset as high as 6db but the volume is still the same. Am i missing something?

  3. I bought this guitar recently. I am trying to increase volume of piezo from the software but there is no change in the volume. I have saved the preset as high as 6db but the volume is still the same. Am i missing something?
  4. Anyone still using this model. Any impressions or improvements?
  5. Is this cable ok? Seems they can provide you the exact length you need. I saw this website in another forum answer here.
  6. Ok. So does line 6 issues longer VDI cables? Because the cable that came with the guitar is too short and does not allows me to move away from the helix board. You can imagine when playing live, I may need to move away from pedal board. Any solutions for this?
  7. Hi All, Does anyone here using a variax guitar with helix? Do you connect the guitar using the 1/4" cable only if you are changing the tunnings and guitar models 'within' helix' OR do you have to use both 1/4" cable as well the ethernet cable into the guitar, i.e. you have to connect two cables to guitar.
  8. I saw the new line of shuriken guitars, No more variax!!! any reasons??
  9. I bought it through long and Mcquade which is a big dealer in Canada and they did the setup with it. I am sure they know how to deal with active electronics, although thier service is poor which is a sepearte issue. Do you have any Line 6 service centers in Toronto Ontario Canada? I guess eventually you will advise me of something I won't be able to do, which defeats the purpose. Why make a product that needs so many things done to it to work properly... Also, the issue I am mentioning is not a set-up issue.
  10. I have 11's on low and 10's on high. The sound during strumming rhythm is alright. Its during the palm-muted galloping where I have noted the difference is day and night. I even played the same tunnings on magnetic pick-up vs peizos. Peizos just end up with loose low end and loose clarity, hence the precussive effect of palm-muting gets lost.
  11. Thanks. I have seen those. I dont have an issue with palm mutting. I am talking about the tonality and clarity of the modelling pick-ups.
  12. So after playing shuriken for more than a year and compared all the models, the modeling pickups just sound 'mushy' and lack compression, especially when playing hard rock/metal palm muted galloping rhythms. The magnetic pick-up sound is good comparatively, however, obviously, that's not why anyone would buy this guitar. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. Any practical advice would be helpful. Thanks.
  13. In shuriken, for rock and metal, the magentic pickup sound is good. However, the piezo pickups are mushy in all settings. Not impressed at all.
  14. I use heavy bottom slim top strings by ernie ball. So far, havent noticed any issues compared to factory strings.
  15. Hi, I recently bought a shuriken. I cant seem to find any download option for workbench for windows 10 on line 6 website. Is anyone else facing the same issue?
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