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  1. That's a shame. I did a bit of digging and saw I could do the mag and the piezo at the same time but if I can't physically drop tune the guitar itself then that's that idea out of the window! I guess I could use a pitch effect on the mag itself and have the variax do the bass but then I'm essentially running 2 lots of pitch shifting and feel like that could descend into a warbly mess
  2. I've had a skim through the forum and I can't see the answers to my questions so thought i'd ask, apologies if these have been asked elsewhere. 1) Can I us multiple tunings at once? I cover guitar and bass duties at the moment in my band and currently run 2 different route things on my helix with one pitchshifted down an octave. Can I have 2 different tunings from the variax? If not does the data cable carry both the variax AND magnetic signals which I could then split off? Basically what's the easiest way of getting a bass tone and guitar tone at the same time. 2) Can I use thicker strings? I've seen someone mention about not using string gauges over 11's. My preference is to run 13's in drop c on a standard guitar and I'd like to keep the same feel as I don't like thin strings. I was going to have the guitar set up to drop c with 13's on. Would this be a problem? Anyone done it?
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