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  1. AH! There we go - I think I'm starting to get why this is a "touchy" issue! It's the digital vs analog thing! I get that. But if plugging into the Helix, with either connection, is where you are going, guess the signal is going digital one way or the other. So, plug the 1/4" into your Marshall stack for the mags only, OR plug the ethernet looking thing into your Helix. I'm a little on the analog side of that argument. Well, at least for live stuff. Recording . . . that VDI thing ROCKS with the Helix! Haven't quite gotten into the groove with the JTV89F VDI in live situations. Makes the whole guitar feel, not sure how to explain it, I guess "Mushy" might be the best description. Signal just oozes through the (ethernet looking thing) cable like molasses. Not sure I'll ever get used to that. Maybe someday I'll figure out I was doing something wrong, and find out how to make the digital side sound (and FEEL) amazing live! But, that is a topic for a different thread.
  2. Ok, now I'm a bit confused (AGAIN)! I don't use the cabled power kit (EVER - cuz I don't have one). I either plug in 1/4" (TS, NO "R", and NOW fearing to do that AND VDI simultaneously could blow up my JTV-89F . . . do I just not get it?) OR VDI. Sometimes 1/4" (TS) AND VDI. Is it the dueling power sources that are the problem????!!!! (drama emphasis added . . . just for fun!)
  3. Thanks all for the great info (and grandma stories!!). I see that the pickups can route through the VDI as mentioned above, so no need to connect both. Pretty much takes care of it. I don't think there is any mention of the problem in the manual though . . . maybe I just missed it.
  4. I’m sure this has already been covered, so apologies in advance. But there is SOOOOO much info in the support section, who can find anything specific? I already searched ad nauseum! Anyway, I’ve seen stuff that says “Don’t Do THAT!” regarding plugging a Variax (mine is a JTV89F from a few years ago) into your Helix with BOTH the 1/4” AND the VDI thing. Does that still apply? And what if I want to use “Boston’sPizza” . . . Both cables? Will that blow up my guitar (I've already done that once!)? If this is part of the “nauseum?” I’m so sorry, just a bit timid about frying a $1.4k guitar AGAIN! Anyone?
  5. barkerm

    Jtv 89 Banjo?

    BTW - I've got the 89F! it is not devoid of maintenance, but update often, repair as needed. IT IS GREAT!
  6. barkerm

    Jtv 89 Banjo?

    They all do the same thing. Update if you haven't.
  7. barkerm

    Nylon String IR?

    Yeah. So, let's talk Dream Rig - who would really do that . . . Since we are dreaming (and this could go on FOREVER!) how about a Fender/Yamaha/Line6/Roland Collab! Ok. I'm going back to sleep now, and working on my next dream! :D
  8. barkerm

    Nylon String IR?

    I'm thinking they just need to see a lot of interest in exactly that! So, ME TOO! Here's the fun part - wouldn't it be great (I have a JTV89F . . . BLOOD RED!)) Line 6 advertisement for a guy with a shredder guitar to sound like he's playing a nylon, kinda classical-like?! I like doing things like that to see who in the audience is paying attention! Well, that, and, I don't have to change guitars every two or three songs. Great comment - not sure how Fender gets out in front of Line 6 in that arena.
  9. barkerm

    Cut to the chase - Formant Filter

    HA! Thanks to all - both to those that offered the slap and those that offered advice and options. First, I should have expressed appreciation for EVERYTHING the Helix does have. I find with minimal hardware and headache (well, a little headache in using it sometimes, but overall the good WAY outweighs the need for Advil) my jamming needs are mostly covered. Just trying to not add additional pedals. The rack and floor controller are incredible combo with a couple of Mission pedals. I just often wonder - with so much Helix processing prowess, why can't one of those pedals control a built in "talkbox?" Thanks for the info on the legacy section voicebox - but I find that it is not quite cutting it. Might be me. I'll dig in further (though I think I've done that already) to see if there is any way to make that useable. Sounds like others have already done that also with less than stellar results.
  10. barkerm

    Cut to the chase - Formant Filter

    Certainly I haven't searched well. No formant filters for Helix. . . yet???!!!. Ok, I can't believe that. it's a DSP based unit. There MUST be a way. Have we all just gotten a talkbox from somewhere and no one sent me the memo (I'll bet my spam filter deleted it!)? I don't see any new topics on this. I'm teetering on just dropping a "C" note (PLUS!) on an EH CockFight Plus. But I just CAN'T believe my Helix won't do that . . . even better than! I don't even see recent topics or posts on this. Nobody wants/needs a talkbox "tone" today? Someone please slap me and wake me out of this. We just giving up on L6? Or did I miss the post where L6 said "look elsewhere for this . . . we're NOT doing it?!?!" Edit: I missed one - someone created a GREAT Formant filter (that I haven't found) . . . now everyone is happy!?
  11. barkerm

    Monkey Cannot Connect to Line 6 Server

    I thought I was having the same problem. So I just did the long wait and finally it connected and opened. Just taking a LOT longer than usual.
  12. Plug in USB direct to the computer. It really seems WAY too complicated. And, yeah, we all (well, maybe just me) wish it was MUCH simpler.
  13. Thanks everyone. The JTV-89F is at the Authorized Repair center (for about 2 months). They just started working on it and found that when power is applied, no activity on the main (DSP, I suppose) board. Not sure if this is hardware or software, I'm guessing the repair folks don't either, so a new board has been ordered (with my permission for the cost, since this problem occurred JUST out of warrantee). I know the backlash I am going to get for this comment . . . But I purchased a Gibson SG in 1985, and it works today JUST like it did then, which is JUST LIKE I EXPECTED! My over-tech-burdened LAB SERIES amp lasted 10 years. I honestly expected more than 3 years from a Variax. I know, MY BAD! Oh, and, I realize I don't need to spread this message any longer . . . EVERYONE I speak with says something akin to "I would NEVER own one." So. again, sorry for the overabundance of venting. I see I am only a tiny fraction of those that already know. But, please forgive - I honestly thought I must be the only one, or one of a few. I should have researched a bit more. Why am I paying for a refresh? Two possibilities 1) Too stupid to realize this will not last as long as the original and; 2) Really good idea, though BAD implementation - I LIKE what it does . . . WHEN IT WORKS!