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  1. So I tried a trs cable and it worked at first. The Ehx expression pedal paired with the stomp when assigning. However as I played with it it was not working properly with polarity. Shutting off when dropping the pedal to the heel (I did not originally reverse polarity). How can an expression pedal work one second then not properly the next? Guess I gotta wait for that long awaited L6 update for expression pedal compatibility.
  2. Hi L6 forum, I’m pairing my hx stomp w. EHX next step expression pedal using a ts cable. It works however the sweep is only within a very small window (few seconds), and doesn’t last the entire physical foot sweep of the pedal. Should I use a trs cable instead to remedy the problem? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  3. Can the standard Powercab (not plus) be used with an MP3 player through the Input?
  4. Would Stage source speakers provide that or the new PowerCab? Or am I splitting hairs?
  5. Okay that makes sense. I’m still learning about frequencies
  6. Has anyone tried pairing a bass cab or subwoofer while using a guitar with helix? I was interesting in paring it with a powercab. I prefer more bass in my sound and am a homebody player now (rarely play w. a bass player). Just curious how this would pan out Thanks!
  7. Hello Forum, Im interested in purchasing a 2nd powercab for stereo use with my helix lt. Is there a difference if I used the 1/4 cable route or L6 link cables? Is there a better sound? Would it be easier to create a Stereo patch within my helix using L6 cables? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the inputs! I have no blocks before the distortion block. After the block is my amp and cab. The input is set for just my guitar. I have no audio passing through either. Just some low hiss coming from speaker I hear. Its as as soon as I hit the deranged master block (second in the distortion blocks list) is when the him jumps a bit at me. I wonder if it’s just the default drive level set at 7.7 which causes that jump?
  9. Hello L6 Helix Forum, Quick troubleshooting question for my LT. When I scroll into the distortion/Overdrive menu section, I always hear a loud pop when I hit the first model. I believe it’s the new Deranged Master which comes up 1st. Anyone else experience this issue? is this just do to that model being 1st engaged and it’s boost qualities? Thanks for any input! -Mr. K
  10. Thanks so much for the input! Very helpful!
  11. Hello L6 forum Odd question but can the Powercab be used with just effects pedals? I saw a diagram in the owners manual with that displayed. Didn’t know if this was safe through the frfr speaker thanks Mr K
  12. Finally got it! I was hitting the footswitch I wanted a second time instead of saving it. This pedal continues to amaze me. I’m able to stomp multiple parameters and them occur in 2 different switches
  13. I’ve been in both modes when this occurs. The min and max values appear when setting the Learn Controller. I can adjust the values to any amount and after I click the desired footswitch they return to 0 and 100. I hope this makes sense
  14. It’s within a new preset I create. There’s the default settings for effects blocks when placed in the signal chain. It’s when I go to adjust those paremters to something different, it reverts back to original default block settings. Yes I do save it after the change.
  15. Hello thank you for reply. I was originally looking for any preset amp suggestion. I however just came across the patches from Glenn Delaune that I’m Very happy with!
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