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  1. Haven't looked at one of these yet. Currently. I go Variax to Helix, out the USB to an iPad where I run Midi Guitar 2 and use a couple synths on the iPad to get sounds back in through the Helix. It works, but can be sketchy at times where MG2 doesn't want to connect to the Helix. It also requires my fingering/picking to be very accurate which it isn't! It certainly generates questions at gigs on how the heck I'm getting synth sounds out of my setup. I have also used a EHX Synth9 and a Boss SY-300 and found that my current setup offers the best flexibility in terms of variety of synth sounds on the fly. But I'm always looking into new technology to see how far I can take it.
  2. I have tried the Triple play - which sounded great - but didn't want to have to have a computer on stage for live play at the time. Just looking for an all-in-one solution... making it even more of a niche product :)
  3. Would love to see Line 6/Yamaha buy out these guys and put both technologies into a new Variax option :) :) https://jamstik.com/collections/all/products/studio-midi-guitar
  4. ^^^^^ I never even thought of doing something like this. Not that I need it at this point but now I might try to find a reason to!
  5. Here is my ugly solution to this problem... I have an older iPad that cannot be upgraded to the new versions of IOS. I use that iPad ONLY for the Stagescape application. Another band member also has an old iPad and they both work fine with the Stagescape app. I think mine is an iPad 2, and it can't go beyond IOS 9.x. You can probably pick up an iPad 2 for relatively cheap these days. So... use one obsolete device to work with another obsolete device. :(
  6. I have used 2 similar powered FRFR speakers (from Alto) and if you have yours on the floor on its side like a monitor, they will really emphasize the bass. I think the term is called bass reflections but I'm having a brain cramp. Try raising the speaker off the floor and you should notice a huge difference and reduction in the bass.
  7. I believe that the Alto TS308 is exactly the same as the Headrush but with a different label. I have one and use it pretty much exactly as @voxman55 describes. I use mine live exactly as he describes and I have used it in rehearsal with a reasonably loud 5 piece Rock band with success as well. It is a killer little speaker that works very well with either my Pod GO or my floor Helix.
  8. I have used Bestronics for both VDI and AES type cables for a number of years now. They aren't cheap but VERY robust as mentioned above. Turn around is a few days plus shipping time. Worth the investment in my opinion.
  9. An excellent post and candidate to be pinned to the top of this forum!
  10. I have seen what @themetallikid mentions happen a couple times in my setup. I also have it set to return to the previous snapshot (by the way a function that I really like) and once in a while, very rarely, it seems as though it jumps back to the previous snapshot then right back to the one I was on. Not enough to cause concern for me but I definitely have seen it happen.
  11. I have both a Helix Floor and the POD Go. Don't expect the poly stuff to come over to the PG. it just can't handle it. Some of the poly stuff can't be included in the same path (think one processor per path) as an amp/cab. You have to put them on path 2 separately from path 1. PG has one processor. Without the amp/cab, you won't get far with just being able to use one effect. Move up the processor chain to something that can handle it.
  12. Agreed. Being a Helix floor user, I dismissed the PODGO when it was first announced. But after a time I started to investigate it more. It does more than I originally thought and now I have one as my backup/rehearsal device. I am quite pleased with it and understand its limitations. It would be nice if some of these limitations were lifted at some point.
  13. scotterp

    Hx stomp vs pod go

    This is me pretty much to a "T". The PODGO doesn't do absolutely everything that I need and can get from my Helix floor, but certainly is close enough for me to use it at rehearsals and act as my backup. I sold my Stomp to buy the PODGO. Unless I need to tweak something on my Helix, I use the PODGO at home for practice as well.
  14. This is a user community forum. There is a place for product suggestions that Line 6 does check. It's called Ideascale. Go to line6.ideascale.com and register.
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