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  1. An excellent post and candidate to be pinned to the top of this forum!
  2. I have seen what @themetallikid mentions happen a couple times in my setup. I also have it set to return to the previous snapshot (by the way a function that I really like) and once in a while, very rarely, it seems as though it jumps back to the previous snapshot then right back to the one I was on. Not enough to cause concern for me but I definitely have seen it happen.
  3. I have both a Helix Floor and the POD Go. Don't expect the poly stuff to come over to the PG. it just can't handle it. Some of the poly stuff can't be included in the same path (think one processor per path) as an amp/cab. You have to put them on path 2 separately from path 1. PG has one processor. Without the amp/cab, you won't get far with just being able to use one effect. Move up the processor chain to something that can handle it.
  4. Agreed. Being a Helix floor user, I dismissed the PODGO when it was first announced. But after a time I started to investigate it more. It does more than I originally thought and now I have one as my backup/rehearsal device. I am quite pleased with it and understand its limitations. It would be nice if some of these limitations were lifted at some point.
  5. scotterp

    Hx stomp vs pod go

    This is me pretty much to a "T". The PODGO doesn't do absolutely everything that I need and can get from my Helix floor, but certainly is close enough for me to use it at rehearsals and act as my backup. I sold my Stomp to buy the PODGO. Unless I need to tweak something on my Helix, I use the PODGO at home for practice as well.
  6. This is a user community forum. There is a place for product suggestions that Line 6 does check. It's called Ideascale. Go to line6.ideascale.com and register.
  7. I use the AMT EX-50. Two of them actually - with my Helix. They are ok. It's been a while since I originally hooked them up, but I think you have to do something with the polarity on them to get them to work 100% properly. Being so compact, it's a little tough to get really accurate. But they work. I have nothing else to compare them to as they are the only ones I have tried. They should work with the Stomp as well.
  8. As @olerabbitsays, create your tones in the environment you want to use them in. For the sound you want to hear from the PA, connect to the PA to sculpt that tone. It will sound different in your headphones. And vice versa. Can you create the perfect tone for both? I think one or the other, or both will have to have some compromises. Otherwise, sculpt specific tones for each environment.
  9. I have been using MIDI Guitar 2 to do this for a few months now. It works well enough for my purposes. To have what it does built right into the Helix would be fantastic.
  10. I guess "re-assigned" wouldn't be the correct term. "Assigned in conjunction with..." would be more accurate. I did find a use for it, and it works for me. Limited compared to what you can do with the other buttons.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the Tap Tempo button CAN be reassigned in the Command Center. I reassigned it to a snapshot in one of my patches. I'm not in front of my Helix at the moment to provide any specific details, but I know for sure that it is possible. Can't speak for the Mode button as I use it for its main purpose. I typically don't use the Tap Tempo button.
  12. As @KasperFauerby says, you can use a mixed setup of stomp mode and snapshots. Then you can go into Command Center to really control what you want to do. It is a little flaky and takes time to understand, but makes your switches VERY flexible in what you want to use them for.
  13. I have two of them... One from around 2013 and then I picked up a used one as a backup about a year ago. My 2013 looked like it failed to boot recently, but I could hear something going on. Turns out that the device was indeed turning on, but the ribbon connector for the screen had detached inside. I can still use it with an iPad. I'm hoping a friend can repair it at some point, but knowing that it still does work, it has been demoted to being my backup. If you can open it up, gently, see if there is an issue with the ribbon that attaches to the screen.
  14. @jo_arch When you ask "Will it return to its own snapshot again, and then, when you press it the fourth time, go to the previous one again? " The answer is yes. I use this feature frequently.
  15. The OP states that when he has the issue when no blocks are active... Does this include no amp block? Would this be like bypassing the preamp in an amplifier? Wouldn't you want/need to have at least an amp or something in the chain before sending the signal to the Powercab? Am I missing something?
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