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  1. scotterp

    Helix with Fishman Triple Play/Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 routine

    I would like to see a picture of you Helix path. I just started messing around with MG2 yesterday and find it intriguing. I currently have an EXH Synth9 in my setup for the occasional synth sounds (people often think we are playing to tracks when it’s actually the Synth9). It is a great sounding pedal with amazing tracking, but it is difficult to get different sounds for different songs because you have to turn knobs to get them. Not easy during a gig. I see using MG2 as a much more flexible solution.
  2. scotterp

    Snapshot reselect - 2.8 update feature

    I used to use a Digitech GSP-1101 and this feature existed on that device. It was the ONLY thing that I missed when I switched to the Helix a couple years ago. It's not something I use a lot, but in some songs it really reduces the tap dancing where I am switching back and forth several times within the song.
  3. +1 for Eneloop batteries from me as well. Use them in my XD-V75 mic for several months now - 4 hour gigs with plenty of time left afterward.
  4. scotterp

    Looking for some guidance

    Richie Castellano does have some great videos showing how he programs different patches with amps versus FRFR, stereo versus mono, snapshots, and more. Very helpful for me. I watched them before taking the leap to a Helix (about a week ago). I've also read a ton on the forum and I'm VERY happy with the tones I'm getting now (using an L3T). I will continue to experiment and I can imagine that I will get even happier as I learn more.
  5. scotterp

    Strange behaviour - Stage Monitor Feedback Loop

    I agree with @rvroberts. This "sounds" like the sound man's issue, and not yours. Having done sound for my band for a number of years now (I am NO expert though) that this type of squeal sound would be more typical to mic/monitor issues rather than a guitar issue. I think you should be confident moving forward that YOU or your setup are NOT the problem here.
  6. One time I had an issue with the M20D and one of my L3M's during a gig. That one speaker sounded awful. We took a break and I swapped out the cable (was using a short XLR cable versus an AES cable) and the problem has not reoccurred since. It's been at least 2 years. I was not able to recreate the problem with that cable at home so I'm not sure if it was the cable or just that it wasn't properly seated into the speaker. I do wish they would click in as I have had someone accidentally pull one out.
  7. scotterp

    SD Card 'full' when it's not...

    I ran into this problem. After deleting the files on my Mac, I thought it would free up the space but it did not. Do as Silverhead says or pop the SD card into a PC and you'll see extra directories on there to remove.
  8. I tune my 69 down a half step all the time. I have had it 3 years maybe? Alt tunings all work just fine. I'd say there is something faulty going on.
  9. I have not seen this either nor do I recall seeing this posted before. Not that this is helpful to you. I'm sure that if anyone has seen this, they will respond.
  10. The recording is a live performance (using the M20D) and plenty of pics with my black JTV69. I switched out the neck a couple of years ago. I bought the guitar when they first came out - this was a pre-order. Been using it regularly since then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzyzDviVRLA
  11. Been doing this for years now without any issues whatsoever. One other thing to be aware of is if you are setting up your own tuning on the fly, where you play the notes you want and save it. It does everything relative to the twelfth fret by default. However, if you are tuned down a 1/2 step, then everything moves one fret. So your "base" becomes the 13th fret instead of the 12th.
  12. We record every gig so that each guy can review their own performance. As one band member says, "tape don't lie". If something doesn't sound right, you have proof of it and you can work on making it better. It certainly does tame some egos.
  13. This describes me to a "T", especially the idiot part. So far so good for me and I've been very happy with my system. Just my 2 cents.
  14. If the bridge was not floating before, when you bent the strings, there was likely no give as the springs were very tight. Now that you have adjusted spring tension, and the bridge floats, the bridge most likely "gives" when you bend, allowing you to bend them easier. However, the pitch will also change in this circumstance, so you would have to bend the strings a bit more to get the same amount of pitch change. If you look at the bridge now when you bend, I suspect that it is reacting to you bends in the slightest way as if you have lightly used the Trem. Have you always played a trem equipped guitar or have you played hard tails before?
  15. scotterp

    Extending the L6 link range

    There's a topic somewhere here on the forum that describes how to setup your airport express to use the 5Ghz band to reduce the interference you can get from other devices using 2.4Ghz. I also recall Don Boomer saying that this requires more of a line of sight between the iPad and the airport express (so raise it up if you can) but I have found it to be very reliable in my experience. No dropouts like I had early on.