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  1. Nobody knows this answer?
  2. How do I turn on the tuner with my spider remote phone app?
  3. I opened up a support ticket. I had spoke to Line 6 on Friday and of course they said I should it take to a Line 6 repair center, which luckily there is one in Woodstock N.Y. not to far from me. I have a feeling this is one of those plaguing problems from these early units.(2013) Thanks for your input.
  4. It's not a power surge, it's a volume gain surge with compression effect. And those green little indicators tell me something is overloading the channels. I read in the forums somewhere about the ribbon connectors faulting. I wonder if this could be the culprit with an inconsistent connection or something.
  5. I have a StageScape M20D I purchased new in 2013 and about 5 months ago has been all of a suddenly going bonkers with a what seems to be power surge that stays on till I shut down for a few hours. Each channel gets effected by this surge or sometimes just one channel, particularly my guitar input. There will be a little green circle indicator next to the effected channel XLR picture on the inputs screen each time this occurs. This glich makes the monitors and the mains go out of control in volume almost like a compressed overload. What's up with this nightmare? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  6. Spoke to Line 6 about this problem and they suspect it may be a bug and a fix is supposedly in the works with a 2.83 FW possibly.
  7. I am going through this same dilemma with my set up which is just like yours. This has only happened since upgrading to FW 2.82. Would like to figure out a solution also.
  8. Where can I purchase an OEM JVT69 Tusq graphtec nut that specifically fits my JTV69? (without the guess work whether if it will fit right on the guitar or not)
  9. I tried reflashing the FW to no avail. Does you workbench HD recognize the changes to your alternative tuning knob when in the Strings mode section? I would think that like the pickup section and the picture it would show the selection you have made with the knob, in my case it does not even with the standby highlighted which is required according to the manual. The same quirks happen in the pickup section, I pick the bridge pickup on a particular model and shows the correct position in the illustration but indicates neck pickup in the wording area, I also have change the body picture which may by default that the neutral body pops up. I don't know how to use this Workbench HD right I guess, anyway any input would surely be appreciated.
  10. Ok but what about the HD issues? I noticed that everytime I change a pickup setting on any model guitar it doesn't change the pickup position (neck-middle-bridge) in the pickup parameter section. I have to manually change the wording even though it shows the correct pickup in the picture. Also I cannot get HD to recognize my alternative knob changes. Even though I believe the standby is highlighted (brite white circle thing along with the string link sign).
  11. When I connect to Workbench HD it won't highlight my standby mode to recognize my JVT 69 changing the tunings with the alternative tunings knob. Also is it common for the alternative tuning knob light to go out after you switch it from one tuning to another? It doesn't stay on.
  12. Yeah, thats what's happened to my main guitars, my new JTV69 has taken over, I really love it! I changed over to 9's on the strings which I use on all my guitars, and now I am really comfortable playing it. The trem really stays in tune for the most part which is surprising considering my first one in 2011 had such problems staying in tune, I really like this neck shape compared to my old one also. Don't know when or how they changed that concept but my new one according to the serial # was made in April of 2012, what a difference in workmanship with this one. Good luck with yours! Merry Christmas!
  13. Has anyone tried to switch out the 10-46 gauge strings with 9-42 gauge strings on your JTV69? Does it effect the tone of the acoustics drastically? I don't want to go thru re-setting the guitar up only to be disappointed. I'm afraid of string buzz and the tuning stability my new JTV69 has now with the 10's I just like 9's better to play with.
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