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  1. Where can I purchase an OEM JVT69 Tusq graphtec nut that specifically fits my JTV69? (without the guess work whether if it will fit right on the guitar or not)
  2. treewiz

    Workbench HD

    I tried reflashing the FW to no avail. Does you workbench HD recognize the changes to your alternative tuning knob when in the Strings mode section? I would think that like the pickup section and the picture it would show the selection you have made with the knob, in my case it does not even with the standby highlighted which is required according to the manual. The same quirks happen in the pickup section, I pick the bridge pickup on a particular model and shows the correct position in the illustration but indicates neck pickup in the wording area, I also have change the body picture which may by default that the neutral body pops up. I don't know how to use this Workbench HD right I guess, anyway any input would surely be appreciated.
  3. treewiz

    Workbench HD

    Ok but what about the HD issues? I noticed that everytime I change a pickup setting on any model guitar it doesn't change the pickup position (neck-middle-bridge) in the pickup parameter section. I have to manually change the wording even though it shows the correct pickup in the picture. Also I cannot get HD to recognize my alternative knob changes. Even though I believe the standby is highlighted (brite white circle thing along with the string link sign).
  4. When I connect to Workbench HD it won't highlight my standby mode to recognize my JVT 69 changing the tunings with the alternative tunings knob. Also is it common for the alternative tuning knob light to go out after you switch it from one tuning to another? It doesn't stay on.
  5. treewiz

    JTV 69 bought it

    Yeah, thats what's happened to my main guitars, my new JTV69 has taken over, I really love it! I changed over to 9's on the strings which I use on all my guitars, and now I am really comfortable playing it. The trem really stays in tune for the most part which is surprising considering my first one in 2011 had such problems staying in tune, I really like this neck shape compared to my old one also. Don't know when or how they changed that concept but my new one according to the serial # was made in April of 2012, what a difference in workmanship with this one. Good luck with yours! Merry Christmas!
  6. Has anyone tried to switch out the 10-46 gauge strings with 9-42 gauge strings on your JTV69? Does it effect the tone of the acoustics drastically? I don't want to go thru re-setting the guitar up only to be disappointed. I'm afraid of string buzz and the tuning stability my new JTV69 has now with the 10's I just like 9's better to play with.
  7. I just got one of the last lake placid blue JTV 69 guitars that MF had and redeemed the Veteran's Day sale discount of 15% which ended up being $850.00 for the guitar. Ihave to tell you after owning one of the first production model sunburst JTV 69 ( #80), this one is a ngem! It was almost perfect right out of the box. Stays in tune no matter what with the tremolo, I love the neck shape for my small hands, the original one was a bit chunky, the e-string has no issues along with the nut being cut right, and in my opnion this guitar looks kiiler. I play classic rock, southern rock, country, metal,pop or what ever floats our boat and after three rehearsals using acoustic, dobro, banjo, billy, semi's,strat,tele,lester, models this thing blew me away. I am not having any of the major warbling ghost note issues I had with the first model I owned(sold in '11). I got lucky and Loving It!
  8. treewiz

    SD card in my M20D

    Thanks Silverhead, I'll pickup one of those cards and give it a go.
  9. treewiz

    SD card in my M20D

    I have tried brand new SD cards 4gb from best buy, I was able to get one card (4gb) recorded with mp3 music to work for a gig break music. I had to convert the music to mp3, but I cannot record the band in the recording mode with any of the new cards, they are 32 fat formatted, not sure about the class 10 no where on the card does it say that and what is a high speed card? They are PNY premium cards.
  10. I for the life of me cannot get any of my SD cards to be recognized by the M20D, what do I need to do? They are formatted to fat32.
  11. I'm having the same problem with my sd cards and usb sticks, what gives?
  12. Thanks for your help and input, I'll see what I can acomplish with tweaking the system.