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  1. My setup is similar to OP. My Helix goes to FOH, and I monitor via IEMs. Additionally, I run a Headrush 108 angled up (or my Powercab) as my backline with the sole purpose of providing some stage volume. Typically I play on stages that have audiences right up front (standing underneath the FOH speakers) and they're not in an ideal position to hear the best mix. Having that backline guarantees that the audience gets a bit of guitar volume from the stage. My volume is just loud enough to hit that first row of people, and I get a little bit of guitar bleed into my mic to give me a bit of "dimension" in my IEM.
  2. Where are you sourcing the IRs from? I had this happen when I accidentally used some IRs that were meant for a different modeler (ie: Axe-Fx, Kemper, etc). The "incorrect" IRs loaded into the Helix just fine, but when assigning them to a block, it wouldn't work. Once I used a Helix compatible IR, it worked just fine.
  3. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but I came across this today in the monthly Guitar Center ad that gets sent to me. It's the new G10S wireless system. Will this be debuted at NAMM? I wonder if this is an updated base, along with a new power supply input (9V vs the original micro USB). Definitely resembles the Boss WL-50. Anyone else have more information on this?
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