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  1. I use Behringer FC600. Something wrong with this one?
  2. Hi everybody! This is what's happening - after turning unit on all seems ok, parameters change due to functions stored, but when I go to another snapshot there's no reaction anymore. Of course I have stored value changes on other snapshots, too, when I go back to that first one that worked at the poweron there's no reaction. Do you have any ideas? Thanky you!
  3. Hello guys! I've bought my unit used and I have a problem with overall volume at some situations. It works like that: after switching on the unit it gets extremely loud on preset loaded, but it comes to normal when switching to any other preset or coming back to the same one. It acts the same when going back from tuner to 'play' mode. I'd be very happy if anyone could help me! Thank you! :)
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