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  1. JLondon

    L2t/l2m for home use?

    I've got an L3m, L3T, L2T, and Powercab plus and here's my 2 cents worth. Since your specifically wanting something for "home use" and don't mention needing stereo (I'm using the 2 L3s as speakers for my daw/Helix/whatever in a little 12 X 14 room - wow!) I would either go for the L2T (rather than M) or the Powercab Plus. The L2M is only an FRFR speaker where the "T" has it's own built in mixer and doubles as an acoustic amp as well. A lot of bang for the extra $100. It's also very compact and easy to move around. But you said "home use" so my vote is for the Powercab Plus. It does it all (except the mixer) in my opinion giving you both an FRFR option or real/traditional amp speaker cab option, and makes an awesome acoustic guitar speaker as well. Love all my L6 products for different reasons/uses but the PC+ sounds like the best option in your particular case.
  2. JLondon

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    I don't believe you mentioned price range, but the LIne 6 L2T is an awesome option at $850. I have/use one myself. It has it's own built-in 2 channel mixer, both of which are designed specifically with acoustic guitar amplification as an option. Use one channel for guitar and the other for voice, or just one for guitar and send your microphone straight to FOH if you so choose. I sold my favorite acoustic amp when I got this as the L2T is the best acoustic guitar amp I've ever played on. I have an LT3 also but it's probably overkill for your purpose (and mo-money - and heavy/bigger). Also at $850, the new Powercab Plus appears to be the L2T's equal as an acoustic amp but I just got mine and I'm still going through the learning curve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poFczMisFYM
  3. JLondon

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    I've got the Helix Floor with two L3s and an L2. I use L2 to carry around as an onstage monitor and the L3s I use as overkill studio monitors for my tiny playroom/studio -absolutely Love em'. That said, like yourself, I didn't feel like I could ever get the sound I wanted "at LOW volumes". Not, that is, until I got a Powercab Plus (PC+). I've not yet experienced personally what the PC+ sounds like with live play yet, but it sure cured my dilemma for at-home/low-vol play. Once I figured out my personal set-up preferences, I absolutely cannot tell that I'm not playing through one of my traditional tube amp/cab/pedalboard setups. That said (again), I'm satisfied that your personal playing style would be a very important factor. I have the greatest respect for metal/djent/etc players but know absolutely nothing about how that should sound coming out of my own speakers. But as a TX Blues and Gilmour style fan, I'm one happy camper. Can't wait to pair the PC+ with the L3s for an authentic WDW setup.
  4. JLondon

    Powercab or L2T/L3T

    I'm using two L3's as studio monitors and for Helix in my little 12x14 office space - total overkill but stereo sounds are awesome. I also have an L2 for use at church as an onstage personal monitor. While my L2 and L3s are a lot easier to move around (with the Line 6 wheeled case) I wish I had access to a Powercab a long time ago. With PC+, I can send the exact same signal processing and level that I'm getting on stage to FOH. That aside, while I've always been impressed with Helix's amp modeling capabilities, I'm feeling like I'm truly getting the actual sound of various real amps - for the very first time. This is when using PC+ in Flat_LFraw mode with whatever amp sim and no cab sim what-so-ever on either the Helix or the PC+. My guitar volume knob is much more responsive and no more battle with brash highs and muddy lows. The PC+ can do anything that the Stagesources can do, and more, in regards specifically to guitar play (they're obviously not 1400 watt PA speakers). If you actually 'need' a PA speaker, then that would support a case for sticking with your L3. But if you're just needing a guitar speaker/monitor, I' would switch in a heart-beat. P.S. - my advice is based upon my personal playing style. I don't play heavy metal. I haven't even tried getting the 'chunk' or 'djent' out of the PC+ yet. It's possible that the L3 is better suited for that purpose.
  5. JLondon

    Confused by Terminology?

    Thank you! You should have been the one Line 6 hired to write the manual.
  6. JLondon

    Confused by Terminology?

    So after reading everyone's kind and much appreciated replies to my frustrations, I thought I'd just share the setup that I've since decided sounds most, to 'me', "real guitar speaker behavior". I don't claim to be knowledgeable of the difference in various cab models in real life. My only exposure to various models is via Helix cab/IR options and the two cabs I personally own (a 412 w/V30s and an oversized 212 Egnater cab both of which I love). Also keep in mind my playing style preferences are Texas Blues and on the opposite end of spectrum - Gilmourish clean and his more current gain tones. I've decided (right or wrong) that, whether using the Helix Floor or Tube amp with load box, I'm most pleased with no cab sim at all - anywhere - and running PC+ in Flat/LFRaw. To my ear it sounds very much/most like I'm sitting in front of my real (guitar speaker) cabinets. Actually sounds like both my cabs used together (tonewise that is - we 'are' talking about a 112 after all). If I'm being honest, it's the first time I've really felt like the Helix amp sims sounded authentic and that my 3 tube amps sounded the way they're intended when using a 'digital' setup for personal, live, playing. And the bonus is that I don't have to suffer endlessly from option anxiety! (grin) Never has using the Helix been more simple and straight-forward for me. It almost makes me feel guilty or something. Thanks again to all!
  7. JLondon

    Confused by Terminology?

    Thank you so much "PaulWilliamson" for your very helpful reply and I'm pretty sure I agree with your train of thought. Just for the record, I've got you beat on age (65) and I've forgotten more than you'll ever know about long winded-ness (grin). In the end, I'm simply going to use whatever settings sound best to me. But I have one more 'gotta-know' issue that you may/may-not be able to help me with. I am using the PC+ in two different ways: 1) - with the Helix Floor, and 2) - from a real amp via a speaker cab load box (Torpedo Captor). Both the Helix (obviously) and the load box have the option to introduce a cab sim into the chain before reaching the PC+. Is it proper, or not, to apply a cab sim before going to the PC+ in Flat LFRaw mode in order, as you stated, to "= Traditional Guitar Speaker Behavior"? Is the PC+ still compensating in some way even when in LFRaw? It makes my head hurt thinking about it but we all know what it sounds like when omitting a cab sim from the chain in every other circumstance. I've been given two opposite answers from other venues. Just thought I'd ask in case you had a couple more!
  8. JLondon

    Confused by Terminology?

    1) I've been getting a lot of replies from people who are evidently not understanding the simplicity of my question and in turn makes me wonder if they are actually using the Powercab in the manner that they think they are. I get the more complicated stuff. My question is 'simple': What are people/users (including Hindmarsh and Line 6 instructions) meaning by "normal", "amp in the room", and "air moving" - and why do they all have different settings? I thought the terms meant the same thing. Check out the following Line 6/Hindmarsh vid. If you skip to 2:24 he plainly explains the settings (flat mode and LF Raw) for achieving "traditional guitar speaker" behavior. Then skip to 2:54 and he plainly explains settings (speaker mode) to achieve "traditional amp in the room experience". What's the difference? I thought they were the same thing. 2) On the more technical side - I've been advised differently but I'm pretty sure if I'm using Flat mode/LFRaw (which I 'think' is my personal end goal), I still have to put a cab or IR in the Helix chain or it's going to sound horrible - same as before having the PC+ - right? . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7yIZnYeXmQ
  9. JLondon

    Roland GR55 modeled guitar tones through helix amp sims

    Sure you can - but you don't want to. GR-55 guitar sims, and guitar related effects, suck eggs compared to the Helix. Not even in the same arena (you'll see). But by all means use the GR-55's other awesome 'synth' features/effects in conjunction with the Helix in the same sense that you did within the GR-55 itself. Doing so is especially awesome in a stereo setup. I won't bother going into detail on 'how' since you don't even have the unit yet, but rest assured, you're in for a treat. There are a few setup examples on YouTube. Some are simpler than others. Here's a good one for midi setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htgK1d4ELkc
  10. JLondon

    Helix Effect and Helix Stomp. So now Helix Amp.

    Let me add to the list of DSP complainers then (grin). I have a huge problem with DSP on my Helix floor when trying to use more than one IR cab - and the top half of my chain is typically pretty simple as I have come to prefer to use snapshot changes in amp gain over using a lot of gain pedals in front of the amp. The difference between even just 1 cab IR and a stock cab can easily cost you as much as 3 blocks - and if you want 2 IRs or more than one amp sim on the top half of your chain you can forget it (some effect pedals/amps use more DSP than others of course). I don't have a Powercab yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to being able to use its onboard IR or stock cab to free up my floor Helix chain options.
  11. JLondon

    Helix Effect and Helix Stomp. So now Helix Amp.

    I see what you mean, but then isn't what you're describing the same as Line 6's existing line of "Spider" amps with an optional FVB 3 Pro foot controller? Granted, the Spider amps could use an updating in the quality of their amp modeling to compete with the Helix. But I still can't imagine why the need for an amp setup other than the Helix equipment you already own in conjunction with a Powercab - unless your talking a beast of an amp. Even then I would rather have a bigger version of the Powercab instead.
  12. JLondon

    Helix Effect and Helix Stomp. So now Helix Amp.

    The dream portion of your post is the $200 - $300 part. The rest exists but is $700-$800. It's called the Line 6 Powercab/Plus.
  13. JLondon

    Helix foot pedal w/ helix native

    What I'm about to say is to the best of my knowledge but could certainly be wrong. Please someone correct me if I am. I have the same wish and to my knowledge "Native" will not "sync" to any of the Helix Hardware. Native is a 'stand-alone' plug-in. Seems like I read that some were using midi to create a work-around though. Best thing I know to do (if you want pedal effects in your recording) is to edit your desired tone/preset on the Helix itself, use it as your DAW interface, and play/record live straight into Cubase creating both a wet and a dry audio track (re-amping). Then you can always insert the Native plug-in into your dry signal audio track and duplicate and/or manipulate all the 'other' settings used on the floor hardware. But effects made by the "pedals" themselves (wah/expression/etc) will always be part of the originally recorded dry signal track and unchangeable. Apologies in advance if I'm totally off-base on this.
  14. JLondon

    Clean tones w/ Helix

    Not sure exactly what style of music you're playing, but I like this one for a starting point. Especially where he talks about EQ technique in getting rid of problem areas without affecting the whole tone. You'd also have to search/watch another of his videos to learn about what he's doing with the split in signal. He's made a template using that in his basic setup. Happy New Year!