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  1. JLondon

    Powercab edit update question

    Absolutely have had the same problem. But I have discovered the reason is that the PC+ only accepts IRs of 48 (hz or whatever you call it) or lower. I've always downloaded the higher rated ones so the majority of mine won't work. If, from now on, you only get the 48's you will have no problem and - truth be told - I've never been able to hear an advantageous difference anyway.
  2. Okay so I've got a Helix Floor, HX Edit, PC+, and proper "LINK" cabling/connection. Am I correct in assuming that when I'm changing between PC+ speakers (or to FRFR) within the HX Edit program - that's exactly, and 'only', what I'm getting regardless of what it says on top of the PC+? For instance, if I set HX Edit to use Vintage and the PC+ scribble strip says Dino, is HX Edit overriding or am I getting a blend of the two as if I were using two cabs in my Helix chain? If I'ts overriding the PC+, I'm surprised Line 6 didn't simply include automatic changing of the scribble strip reading as well. Doesn't seem to me to be that big a deal. If it, in fact does, then I'm doing something wrong.
  3. JLondon

    Helix & Powercab+ & Strat

    Congrats on the new purchase. As a fellow Strat lover, the PC+ was the final missing pc. to tie this whole technology into a nice neat bow in a way that actually works. I consider it to be reminiscent of the morph between film and digital photography and the day when the tech reached the point when it was actually a workable substitute. I'm completely on-board with the whole amp/cab/effects mod thing now and feel it's just a matter of time before analog joins film and buggy whips in a special place. Anyway, I did NOT buy the PC+ to use as another FRFR monitor (already have Stagesource speakers) and at first I was leaning toward the "raw" mode on the PC+ and then adjusting my Helix tone to taste which for me is that dynamic buttery clean on the edge of breakup that can be crisp with light picking and dirty if you dig in or up the guitar volume knob. Not easy to get on digital OR analog equipment. It's just that with the Helix/PC+ I can finally get that cranked amp sweet-spot sound and dynamics at a lower volume without sounding sterile. Now with the new updates, I'm really digging the Dino cab on PC+ instead of raw. I typically mess around between a Litigator, DrZ, or Div/13 amp mods on the Helix and adjust so that 'very' little else is needed in the way of boost or OD when playing on neck pickup. I loving the new King of Tone sims for higher gain play. Lastly, I have recently decided that if I want to use an IR and FRFR mode, that I prefer the Redwire IRs that I've installed on the PC+ itself (not in the Helix chain). My "Redwire" opinion is specific the PC+ only. I had completely different preferences when I used my Helix with my Stagesource L monitors and had the IR placed within the Helix tone chain. As far as "patch" sharing is concerned, there are a LOT of really great patch makers out there and I've bought and/or downloaded a bunch, I repeat ... a bunch ... of them. I will most certainly continue to do so - I cant help it. But I have never, I repeat ... never ... found one in my 4 year Helix history that, on 'my' rig, sounded anything like what I heard on the awesome demo. A patch is simply too specific to the individual rig being used and, in my opinion, is only good as a chain 'structure' example that will be in need of a great deal of tweaking. That said, I have to say other's Helix patches created and their demo's with the PC+ are the closest to sounding the same on my own rig that I've ever come. Probably simply because it's one less difference between our rigs. And if you haven't already discovered Marco Fanton's patch demos on YouTube, you're in for a real treat AND a guitar lesson or two regardless of what style you play!
  4. JLondon

    Line 6 Stage Source L2t

    I have an L2 and 2 L3s. I leave the L2 at church to monitor myself on stage and go to FOH straight from back of Helix. Wouldn't have it any other way except for a Powercab+ which I now have also. If you get an L2 get the one with the onboard mixer. Aside from being a no-brainer to get the 2 channel mixer for $100 extra, it's got acoustic guitar options and is the best acoustic amp I've ever had or used. But if you're only playing electric, I'd go with a Powercab+.
  5. JLondon

    Powercab/Helix REMOTE ?

    I have an L6 LINK cable. I have Helix "Multi" Output setting for Powercab set on "preset"_"speaker" on two identical presets but with different PC+ speakers chosen and a different custom color representing each one. Yes the presets have been saved accordingly and recalls accurately. But when I switch between presets, the only thing that changes is the custom color - not the speaker setting. ??????
  6. JLondon

    Powercab edit update question

    Well there it is! I could have sworn I looked half a dozen times. Anyway - THANKS!
  7. JLondon

    Powercab edit update question

    WHERE IS IT? I've gotten everything updated to 2.8 including the PC+ without issue. But I can't find a software download for the Powercab Edit app anywhere. The old version of Powercab Edit recognizes my PC+ and it's new cabs alright - but is there an update to the app or not? While I'm on the subject, why isn't there any reference to the Powercab on any of the drop-down lists of the Line 6 hardware and software update page? Heck I was barely able to find this dedicated forum.
  8. JLondon

    How to wah and sound wah-some?

    As mentioned previously, definitely play with the mix setting on all wahs. I also have discovered another method I like. There's probably numerous ways of achieving the same goal, but I'm activating two amps in my chain with a wah only going through one (gernerally the cleaner of the two amps). This way I can keep my wah mix strong without it completely taking over all the tone. There are better, more technical, ways of describing this but ... oh well.
  9. JLondon

    Best Practises Recording Helix (floor + native)

    I'm not an expert and am learning myself so ... But I'm just wondering why the need , if you have Native, to include the Helix floor at all except in the case that you want the use of expression pedals (wah, etc.) - which, if I understand correctly, will be included in the dry signal and can't be edited out later if so desired. On the flip side, you can't use expression pedals with native if you wanted either (not to my knowledge anyway). When recording, I just plug my guitar straight into my daw ... wait ... I think I just answered my own question. The Helix floor may be your only daw option. If so, If I were you I'd save up and get a separate daw for the desktop or even a portable one for on the road. I like my Steinberg UR 28M for desktop, wasn't too much and even included Cubase elements, footprint is much smaller and cabling is way less messy. Basically my Helix floor is now for live play only except for when I need wah or expression pedal on a recording.
  10. JLondon

    L2t/l2m for home use?

    I've got an L3m, L3T, L2T, and Powercab plus and here's my 2 cents worth. Since your specifically wanting something for "home use" and don't mention needing stereo (I'm using the 2 L3s as speakers for my daw/Helix/whatever in a little 12 X 14 room - wow!) I would either go for the L2T (rather than M) or the Powercab Plus. The L2M is only an FRFR speaker where the "T" has it's own built in mixer and doubles as an acoustic amp as well. A lot of bang for the extra $100. It's also very compact and easy to move around. But you said "home use" so my vote is for the Powercab Plus. It does it all (except the mixer) in my opinion giving you both an FRFR option or real/traditional amp speaker cab option, and makes an awesome acoustic guitar speaker as well. Love all my L6 products for different reasons/uses but the PC+ sounds like the best option in your particular case.
  11. JLondon

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    I don't believe you mentioned price range, but the LIne 6 L2T is an awesome option at $850. I have/use one myself. It has it's own built-in 2 channel mixer, both of which are designed specifically with acoustic guitar amplification as an option. Use one channel for guitar and the other for voice, or just one for guitar and send your microphone straight to FOH if you so choose. I sold my favorite acoustic amp when I got this as the L2T is the best acoustic guitar amp I've ever played on. I have an LT3 also but it's probably overkill for your purpose (and mo-money - and heavy/bigger). Also at $850, the new Powercab Plus appears to be the L2T's equal as an acoustic amp but I just got mine and I'm still going through the learning curve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poFczMisFYM
  12. JLondon

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    I've got the Helix Floor with two L3s and an L2. I use L2 to carry around as an onstage monitor and the L3s I use as overkill studio monitors for my tiny playroom/studio -absolutely Love em'. That said, like yourself, I didn't feel like I could ever get the sound I wanted "at LOW volumes". Not, that is, until I got a Powercab Plus (PC+). I've not yet experienced personally what the PC+ sounds like with live play yet, but it sure cured my dilemma for at-home/low-vol play. Once I figured out my personal set-up preferences, I absolutely cannot tell that I'm not playing through one of my traditional tube amp/cab/pedalboard setups. That said (again), I'm satisfied that your personal playing style would be a very important factor. I have the greatest respect for metal/djent/etc players but know absolutely nothing about how that should sound coming out of my own speakers. But as a TX Blues and Gilmour style fan, I'm one happy camper. Can't wait to pair the PC+ with the L3s for an authentic WDW setup.
  13. JLondon

    Powercab or L2T/L3T

    I'm using two L3's as studio monitors and for Helix in my little 12x14 office space - total overkill but stereo sounds are awesome. I also have an L2 for use at church as an onstage personal monitor. While my L2 and L3s are a lot easier to move around (with the Line 6 wheeled case) I wish I had access to a Powercab a long time ago. With PC+, I can send the exact same signal processing and level that I'm getting on stage to FOH. That aside, while I've always been impressed with Helix's amp modeling capabilities, I'm feeling like I'm truly getting the actual sound of various real amps - for the very first time. This is when using PC+ in Flat_LFraw mode with whatever amp sim and no cab sim what-so-ever on either the Helix or the PC+. My guitar volume knob is much more responsive and no more battle with brash highs and muddy lows. The PC+ can do anything that the Stagesources can do, and more, in regards specifically to guitar play (they're obviously not 1400 watt PA speakers). If you actually 'need' a PA speaker, then that would support a case for sticking with your L3. But if you're just needing a guitar speaker/monitor, I' would switch in a heart-beat. P.S. - my advice is based upon my personal playing style. I don't play heavy metal. I haven't even tried getting the 'chunk' or 'djent' out of the PC+ yet. It's possible that the L3 is better suited for that purpose.
  14. JLondon

    Confused by Terminology?

    Thank you! You should have been the one Line 6 hired to write the manual.
  15. JLondon

    Confused by Terminology?

    So after reading everyone's kind and much appreciated replies to my frustrations, I thought I'd just share the setup that I've since decided sounds most, to 'me', "real guitar speaker behavior". I don't claim to be knowledgeable of the difference in various cab models in real life. My only exposure to various models is via Helix cab/IR options and the two cabs I personally own (a 412 w/V30s and an oversized 212 Egnater cab both of which I love). Also keep in mind my playing style preferences are Texas Blues and on the opposite end of spectrum - Gilmourish clean and his more current gain tones. I've decided (right or wrong) that, whether using the Helix Floor or Tube amp with load box, I'm most pleased with no cab sim at all - anywhere - and running PC+ in Flat/LFRaw. To my ear it sounds very much/most like I'm sitting in front of my real (guitar speaker) cabinets. Actually sounds like both my cabs used together (tonewise that is - we 'are' talking about a 112 after all). If I'm being honest, it's the first time I've really felt like the Helix amp sims sounded authentic and that my 3 tube amps sounded the way they're intended when using a 'digital' setup for personal, live, playing. And the bonus is that I don't have to suffer endlessly from option anxiety! (grin) Never has using the Helix been more simple and straight-forward for me. It almost makes me feel guilty or something. Thanks again to all!