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  1. JLondon

    Power Cabs?

    If you can afford 2 PC+ by all means do it - do not pass go. 'OR' a couple of Line 6 Stagesource speakers will do the same thing. I would say it depends upon the style of music you play. I have a single PC+112 and two of the bigger Stagesource speakers (one of those with the on-board mixer option for playing out and keeping it REAL simple). I like TX Blues, Gilmour, and basic edge of break-up tones for which the PC+112 is amazing. I don't play the real hard stuff, but I would think the Stagesource speakers or a pair of the 212 PC+ would be better for that. That aside, I've recently revisited messing around between various cabling into a tube amp that I kinda miss. I absolutely don't think it's worth it. I was a photographer when digital was finally able to be a real substitute for film and what a struggle it was for the purists, and myself, to admit it. I honestly think the current amp and effect mod tech has finally reached that point as well. Especially with the advent of the PC+. It has a learning curve of it's own but it's all in there.
  2. Very interesting question.Yeah, what rd2rk said would be the simplest way of going about it if you were able to somehow split between two discreet paths. I also see a more sordid/complicated method of possibly assigning multiple effects to the expression pedal - but not using the two presets you showed specifically. All that aside, the first question that pops into my mind is that - if you COULD do what your asking with these two specific presets, would the mix in between even produce a sound that's desirable? One can't automatically assume that it would and without doing it I suppose you'll never know. I'm not sure what DSP allows in this case, but if you could simply move the last reverb from each preset (the one's in the lower signal paths) to it's upper signal path respectively, and then create a new preset with the clean in the upper path and the Dist in the lower, then you could assign the expression to blend between the two. But you may have to sacrifice at least one effect block from the upper signal paths of each preset in order to do it (due to DSP limitations). Lastly, with the last update, there's a lot of new possibilities using the "command center". Someone else might be able to shed light on that as I haven't had time to explore as much as I'd like. But I think you can now assign a foot-switch to automatically change back and forth between two presets so maybe instead of assigning this to a foot-switch it could be assigned to the expression pedal. I don't know.
  3. There's no right or wrong answer here because I'm not having a "technical" problem. I'm just having trouble making up my mind. I simply would like to hear discussion from others what options they are using in the global settings for the snapshot/stomp modes/8or10 switch number, and "WHY/HOW" using it that way suits your own purpose/needs. Especially interested in how the latest Command Center update factors in to those choices if you are, in fact, making use of it. What about those who use the "looper" - does that have an effect on your global setting preferences? Unless somebody has already done a good, and broad, YouTube video on this subject - I really think this could be a head-slapping "could-a had a V8" thread for a LOT of people! If there's already been multiple threads on this kindly direct me to one of them - thanks in advance!
  4. 2.91 !!! There is no perfect version to choose from. Start with the latest and be conservative from that point if you want.
  5. Here's a great pdf file of all the amps/mods/effects in the Helix with current update. You will see which have duplicates. http://www.robyrocks.it/articles/helixmodels/helixmodels.html
  6. I'm completely aware of where the Legacy effects came from. What I want to know is what is the difference that would justify including mods that were already in the Helix.
  7. So what's the difference between the duplicated effects that are included in both Legacy and Mono/Stereo sub-menus? I appreciate 'additional' effects, but If there's NOT a difference in the duplicates - why are they there twice?
  8. Thanks for this. Not only is it current but it's the absolute best version/example I've seen.
  9. My first thought is that you should check your global settings and make sure that the volume knob is set to the output you are using (XLR, 1/4, or whatever). Just set the volume knob to "Multi" and it should fix it unless you have a more serious problem. For instance, if the global setting for the Vol knob is set to XLR or Digital, but you're using the 1/4 output jack, your speakers are going to get 100% volume (line signal) regardless of where the knob is turned.
  10. I like to "see" them too! Unfortunately, that's never going to happen until they find a way to get them on HX Edit as well. I would trade that update for all the amps/pedals they could possibly come up with in the future combined. The metering is a great idea and what Line6 did certainly doesn't hurt anything or anybody, but it's still useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle otherwise unless you LIKE getting down on your hands and knees to edit your presets. Personally I'll reserve that position for prayer that Line6 will find a way to get them on the Editor! It's way above my pay grade, but it SEEMS completely doable since they were able to include live input/output metering in Native.
  11. My noise is coming from the USB to computer connection. Want to use USB connection so I can use Helix Edit but 4CM into my amp is impossible if connected to computer. Perfect otherwise. So I'm thinking that the Ebtech won't do me any good. I'm even able to create snapshots switching between a 4CM connection to amp AND L6 LINK to a Powercab plus with no noise. But plug in USB to computer and it's all over. Very frustrating!
  12. Depending upon the style music you play and if you're still wanting to 'play out occasionally', I say get a Line 6 Powercab Plus and don't look back. I don't play super heavy and more radical types of Metal - but I would think no form of speaker or cab other than a 4x12 would be suitable for that anyway. But for everything else - Powercab! That said, after reading this thread, I'm looking forward to trying my Helix through the effects loop of my own Mesa V-25 and traditional speaker cabs. I've been selling all my amp heads but recently decided to keep the Mesa due to it's on-board speaker load box/sim and it's capabilities with my DAW and Helix NATIVE plugin.
  13. JLondon

    Dirty Shirley IR

    Thanks. I've since found the Bonkers site myself and also a version made by 3Sigma Audio that I couldn't find before. Bought the Sigma pac and it's very good but not the same. Going to try Bonkers next I guess - or see if I can find some sort ofconversion software. The actual IR name shows up on Helix as "Dirty Shirley TM"
  14. JLondon

    Dirty Shirley IR

    My absolute favorite IR for Hendrix, Texas blues, edge of break-up, style play is called the Dirty Shirley. BUT! I'm unorganized and have absolutely no idea where or how I got possession of it. I also don't remember what speaker it is supposed to be emulating. Google's not helping. Does anybody happen to know who made/distributed this IR? I'm wanting to research it and also wanting to see if they offer other versions of it as it is one of those that is Helix friendly but not Powercab friendly. I reeeeealy want to install this on my Powercab. Anybody know how to convert? Can I?
  15. Oh my goodness! A single answer to your last questions is that If both the Powercab 212 and the Helix are in your budget - buy and don't look back. The only other FRFR option I would even consider (if budget friendly) is the Mission Engineering Gemini line. Still favor Powercab and it's "cab in the room" sound without even counting the fact that it also communicates with Helix via L6 LINK and cable. There will be a learning curve so I wouldn't sell my analog equipment until you're more comfortable with the new tech. But once you get over the learning hump, you'll be flabbergasted at how cheap the new equipment really is compared to the money you've spent in the past. The only exception to this comment would maybe be if you played a lot of really heavy/chunky metal that pretty much requires a 4X12 cab. You also still have to consider (just like with your existing equip.) the difference between how things sound at home or studio and different size venues. That doesn't change. Question 1) - Yes you absolutely can get lost but only if you choose to allow it. Hopefully you're not A.D.D. The Helix Floor (which is what I think you should consider) is a Swiss Army Knife but it's also the simplest tech user interface out there of its kind. Make it easy on yourself, forget about routing a bunch of your 'hard to part with' pedals through it (with the exception of an extra expression pedal). Also, I would recommend ignoring the millions of IR's out there unless you're already familiar and have a favorite. But basically, just attempt to recreate the system you already use along with what you've wished for in the past but didn't have room on the board. Question 2) - Absolutely not but you obviously will have room to grow for future needs. Question 3) - Completely depends upon how well you take my advice to question 1 and how disciplined you are and how focused you remain. Start by simply sticking with recreating your current setup. Create a template preset resembling your current board. Then make 40 presets based on your song list order by copy and pasting the template and adjusting as needed. Each song preset can have its own "snapshots for going back and forth between gain and mod settings as needed (intro/verse/chorus/mods/etc). Once you've watched a couple YouTube vids and learned basic user interface it shouldn't take long at all. Most everybody has done this and already has a pretty good concept of the basics before even purchasing. Only after I achieved your initial goal would I start goofing around with the other possibilities the Helix/Powercab offers. Good Luck to you!
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