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  1. I have a PC 212+ And like it very much. We recently purchased our retirement home. We have a very nice basement and I have started sound proofing. I believe I will have an SPC of around 62. My question is this: when I am done with my 16’ X 24’ music/listening room, will I have to much space to get good stereo separation. The plan is to have one open space with guitars on one side and a sofa and love seat on the other with two very good book case speakers.
  2. I just unloaded the updater and reinstalled, now it's working as it should.
  3. Since I purchased my Powercab Plus, the updater only see's it. I want to download 3.11 for my Helix but there is no option for the Helix. I have unplugged the USB cable and rebooted but there is still no Helix. This is on a Mac running Big Sur.
  4. Thanks for the response. I guess I can return it and buy it again.
  5. I was in doubt after purchasing my 212. After reading many reviews, I also found that maxing the Helix volume does make a big difference. I also learned that sitting up right made a positive difference. I have another question. I bought mine on 4/14. Now I see that Line 6 is offering a $200 rebate. Do I have to return it or are they going to honor us
  6. Hi, again Michael,


    Strangely enough, we had been discussing “acoustic treatment” for rooms, and today on YouTube a video was posted by a guy that I have a great respect for (and I actually use his some of his Spitfire orchestral samples) regarding exactly the things I mentioned earlier.

    You might want to take some time out to watch it, so you can have an idea of the sort of thing you may need to know when your specialists arrive to treat your space.


    Hope this gives you some idea of what is involved, but don’t tell your wife. ;-)



    Regards & Enjoy.

  7. Spoiler

    So after all our bantering, I did go with Adam Audio A7X with the 10 inch sub.  My first set of Adams were before the A7X were released, by today’s standards, they were like bricks.  Deciding to give them another chance was easy since Sweetwater has such an excellent return policy.  Now, I am starting to warm up to the Powercab 212 Plus.  My new studio will be 12’ by 14’, it will be insulated with sound absorption installation which, coupled with Hurricane windows, should make the outside quite and me neighbor friendly. I have several base traps but this time Sound on Sound is sending someone for that task.  So, I wonder how you feel about the impending financial calamity.  


    1. datacommando


      Cool, it’s what you want, and it’s not an impeding calamity to me, it’s your money to do with as you wish. As I said earlier, only you can decide what works for you.
      With a sale, or return, you’re covered for buying something that doesn’t work for you. The sound proofing and acoustic treatment are worth investing in, but your original posts mentioned that you were playing at home with no intention of gigging. Now you are actually taking the private home studio route. Which is great, if that’s what you want, but it’s not really what you originally described as what you were trying to achieve.

      Ultimately, if it makes you happy - fine.!

      Good luck to you and your wife with your new home and new musical adventure. 

    2. MALAPP1


       Y wife asked me if I lost my mind after the Powercab Plus 212.  I told her it, was ALL your fault!




    3. datacommando




      LOL, my biggest fear is that, when I die, my wife will discover what I really paid for all my studio gear - and it’s certainly not what I told her.


      Such is life, ant the way of GAS.


      Enjoy your new toys.

  8. MALAPP1

    Monitor question

    My sales pro Will at Sweetwater advised me to go with the ADAM Audio A7X / Sub10 Matched 2.1 Monitor System. He feels that in a treated room with a budget under 3k this is the answer. My wife just retired two weeks ago. Hence, we are buying a new home in Punta Gorda, Florida. I am having my studio treated with sound absorption. Thanks for all the help.
  9. MALAPP1

    Monitor question

    You are right. The problem is, even if had the knowledge to know where to start looking, I would still end up asking questions and looking for confirmation. Two thousand dollars is a chunk of change. I bought Focal headphones and I think there are great but don’t ask me if they are better because I just don’t know.
  10. MALAPP1

    Monitor question

    Is there an answer in there somewhere. I didn’t know that I’m influenced by style and not sure how “money became no object.” If you would like to share some of your perceived brilliance and answer my question, I would deeply appreciate it.
  11. MALAPP1

    Monitor question

    I’m sorry, I didn’t see any replies to my post. Since you brought it up, I would guess there have been many iterations of the A7 since I had them.
  12. MALAPP1

    Monitor question

    If I were to tell you that I plan to use Focal Shape 65’s as my monitors to play backing tracks, vocals and my Helix Rack through, what would you say. This is for home use. I could add a Powercab 112 but then, space gets tighter and I know I would want another so I could have stereo. Will the Focal’s do the job.
  13. MALAPP1


    So what do you guys think of two Adam A7X’s or Focal Shape 65’s. Seems like a long time ago I did have the original Adams A7’s, at that time I didn’t care for the Adams.
  14. MALAPP1


    I am sure this subject has been touched many times. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any conversations. I have a Helix Rack and currently play through two Bose SR1Pros. I want to buy a Powercab or possibly two. My room is 12’ x by 14’. If I buy 1 212, will the stereo separation be good enough or do I need two 112’s. Forgot to mention that I don’t gig anymore. What about vocals and backing tracks. Are the Powercabs okay for vocals and backing tracks or do I need to keep the SR1’s.
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