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  1. Ok, after 4 weeks using the Powercab 112 Plus something has changed. Either my ears or the speakers have get used to the other. I now often use the PC 112+ and it sounds good in my ears. I played a lot around – with Flat - LF Raw using the a full Helix amp and with Helix amps (without cab) using the build-in speaker simulations. My favorite amp before PC+ is the Cali Rectifire (for rock stuff). The best sound in my ears is until now the Cali Rectifier with the Jarvis speaker sim. I did not really find a way to sound good with imported IRs. The feature until now makes no sense to me. I hope Line 6 will soon add the feature to change the speaker sim via L6 cable. It lasts too long … Thanks for your replies until now!
  2. I made a quick test: Tilt stand is something you get used to when you activate it from the beginning. I also hear differences changing the parameter of low and high cut. But with different microphones and distances I did not notice any changes in sound of a speaker simulation. The manual of the PC+ says that mic types only affect the XLR out.
  3. Steve, thanks for your answer and suggestions … Ups, I thought changing the micro and high or low cut does not affect the sound of PC+ when I use the speaker simulation? I will give the Powercab+ an second try with the kickstands. But the difference between normal stand and with kickstand was huge. Maybe I should use the kickstands without listening to PC+ before in normal position. Well, I know the effect is the same with real amps but I never felt it was that big.
  4. Thanks for your answer, Belew … Well Midi would be an option – but it's surely not as convenient as it will be controlling the PC+ via Line6 Link. And you have to use an second cable. BTW, what I am a bit surprised about is that changing the amp and using it with the same speaker simulation in PC+ makes not such a hugh difference as I would expect it – assumed you do not compare amps for clean tones with amps for rock/metal sounds. But changing from PV Panama or Cali IV Lead to German Ubersonic or German Mahadeva does not dramatically change the sound. But maybe this would be the same with real amps using the same cab.
  5. I'm a Helix user from the first days – I am not totally blown away by it's sounds, but I learned how to use it. Last week I made a new step and bought a Powercab 112 Plus. Now I would like to share my first impressions with you. Well, all in all Powercab 112 Plus is not really finished. I know that Line 6 is planning to offer control for Powercab Plus via Helix in the future – but at the moment I really miss this feature. I would like to change the speaker simulation by switching a Helix preset. I don't understand why Line 6 did not implement that from the beginning. It's an important feature. The second thing I am amazed about is that the included IRs sound so much different compared to the integrated speaker emulations. This is strange. The IRs sound a bit harsh. I also experienced problems to import IRs that work in Helix. I don't understand that. It's not really a problem that I do not know how to import an IR in Powercab … It works with 2 Ownhammer IRs I tested, but my favourite IR from CabEU is loaded into Powercab, but using it I do not hear anthing. One of the Powercab features are the kickstands. But changing it from not using them to using them the sound of my guitar changes so dramatically that I am not pleased. A nice guitar sound before is harsh and looses bass when the kickstand is used. Last point: The editing software for Powercab is also more a beta than a final version (I am using macOS). Helix Edit does a good job, but Powercab Edit not. I cannot e. g. import IRs via drag and drop (like in Helix Edit). I do not understand why Line 6 is using the same software engine for Powercab Edit as in Helix Edit. After a few days I really don't know if I will keep on using the Powercab 112 Plus – maybe I will give it back to my online dealer that has a 30 days return program. Do you agree about my first impressions?
  6. uelef

    Mic is not recorded

    My Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 40 Deluxe has a XLR output with Cab Sim for recording (but not an input). And using it, everything worked fine with my first cable but not with a mic in front of the amp.
  7. uelef

    Mic is not recorded

    But why did the cable that did not work with the mic, transport a line signal from my amp to Helix? I had the suggestion that the first cable was bad – but then it should not work generally. Mysterious …
  8. uelef

    Mic is not recorded

    Well, I was also surprised. The two cables I used were: - https://www.thomann.de/de/cordial_ctl5fm.htm (the one that did not work) - https://www.thomann.de/de/cordial_ctm_5_fm_mikro_kabel_gruen.htm (the one that worked)
  9. uelef

    Mic is not recorded

    Ok, the new cable solved the problem. Strange, I was not aware that there are different types of XLR cables … But for a mic you have to use a special mic cable – not every XLR cable seems to work with it.
  10. uelef

    Mic is not recorded

    The cable I used for the microphone. It was a XLR cable but one for monitors – it seems that it was the problem, but I will finally get the answer when my ordered mic cable is here. It tried another short XLR cable and the mic worked. But it is too short to record my cab.
  11. uelef

    Mic is not recorded

    Well, it seems I used the wrong cable … That explains why it transported a line signal but not the microphone signal. I now ordered a microphone cable – I will report what happens when I use it.
  12. uelef

    Mic is not recorded

    Yes, of course …
  13. uelef

    Mic is not recorded

    I bought a new mic (a Shure SM57) to record my amp – but I did not succeed in recording with the mic via Helix. In my opinion everything is setup right – the strange thing is, when a line level from my amp using the same cable is recorded I can hear the amp in Logic Pro X (via USB1), but when I use the SM57 nothing is recorded. My first suggestion was that the SM57 is DOA. But with another audio interface it works fine. So it can't bei the mic cable (because it works with line level), it can't be the SM57 (because it works on my second audio interface) and it can't be the routing in Helix (because line level via mic in is recorded). Has anyone any ideas what can be wrong? Phantom power is off (like it should be) … When I increase mic level in global settings the hiss increases but there is no sound coming from the mic. Absolutely nothing …
  14. uelef

    Marshall JVM Channel Switching with Helix MIDI

    Ok, got it. The problem were global MIDI settings … I turned everything off there (exept: Midi Channel 1 - tap per snapshot). After doing this – everything worked fine.
  15. Ok, got it. The problem were global MIDI settings … I turned everything off there (exept: Midi Channel 1 - tap per snapshot). After doing this – everything worked fine.