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  1. uelef

    212 plus

    You're welcome. But maybe it is better to bypass the cabs and store the preset again. The advantage of this is that you can easily use your presets when you want to record something without the PowerCab.
  2. uelef

    212 plus

    You have to bypass the cab in your Helix patch …
  3. Well, my first impression was not the best … In my opinion it is not a plugin and play product – you have to tweak your Helix presets. I'm still working on it. You can read more about my impressions here: https://line6.com/support/topic/45688-first-impression-after-using-powercab-112-plus-a-few-days/ Finally my best experience is not to use the implemented cabs but the LF RAW setting in PC+ only with amps (no cab) in Helix. It is described (including a Helix preset to download) here: Maybe you can share your experiences with PC+ here. Ulf
  4. Well, using an audio interface or a headphone amp there will be solutions - but I think there is no way to plug-in a headphone directly into the PowerCab.
  5. The PowerCab+ 212 has no headphone jack – so there's no way to get the sound into a headphone. Reading the manual (https://line6.com/support/manuals/powercab212_plus) could hav answered your question …
  6. uelef

    Revv amp with Powercab and LF RAW

    During the last 6 weeks I tried to improve my Helix/Powercab preset for the Revv amp – you will find V2 here: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4605218/ There are 8 snapshots for different sounds from clean to lead sounds – the clean snapshot was added (using a different amp because the Revv amp is not made for that) … Other snapshots were tweaked. Have fun! I would appreciate your feedback …
  7. 4 weeks later with firmware 2.0 of PowerCab 112+, after trying out different ways to use my PowerCab with Helix I found the way the PowerCab sounds best for me: in LF RAW mode and no cab in Helix (only an amp). The PowerCab has much more power using it this way - but you have to tweak the sound massively with EQs. For heavier tones I created a preset with the new Revv amp: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4527729/ (with 8 snapshots from crunch to lead tones). More about the preset you find here:
  8. uelef

    Powercab & Helix first time setup

    As I said before – I am not an expert … But it's not a real cab, it's an emulated cab; and it's more, because a guitar cab has no 1" compression driver …
  9. uelef

    Powercab & Helix first time setup

    I am not an expert – but in my opinion the EQ settings in my preset with low / high cut and other tweakings simulate what a real cab does. PowerCab is only a speaker – not a cab. An LF Raw mode is the one that is the nearest to simulate a cab.
  10. uelef

    Helix-Powercab implementation

    Am I the only one that does not understand what you mean?
  11. uelef

    Powercab & Helix first time setup

    Well, at the moment I prefer to use an amp in Helix without cab – PowerCab in LF Raw mode (see above). But before I preferred PowerCab cabs, although I found that different amps with the same PC cabs sound very similar. With firmware 2.0 you can change the PC cab via Helix presets – that's a great advantage.
  12. uelef

    Revv amp with Powercab and LF RAW

    Thanks for your review – I appreciate it. Maybe Helix presets do not store the PowerCab mode … On my Helix LF Raw is automatically used.
  13. uelef

    Powercab & Helix first time setup

    Yes, it's a bit like a normal amp – but with different presets and amps you have the flexibility that Helix makes a good choice …
  14. uelef

    Powercab & Helix first time setup

    Congratulations for your new gear … Well, there are different ways to use your PowerCab. After using it for one month with the built-in cabs (yes, you have to delete the cab blocks in your presets) I now use the PC with LF Raw (without cab block in Helix!) – but that needs special tweaking with EQs. But I like the sound I get this way … You may have a look at my preset here: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4527729/ It's for heavy tones, but checking the EQ settings you can see, what you have to do, if you use PC in LF Raw mode.
  15. We discussed here the last two weeks how amazing Powercab sounds using the LF RAW mode. First, I thought I have to use in Helix an amp with cab. But I also tried LF RAW out only with an amp. After tweaking the sound with EQs, I was astonished how good it sounds – and how much power the Powercab has … I would like to share my preset for the Revv amp using the LR RAW mode – from crunch to lead sounds. Try it out. And please give me your feedback. The preset is shared hier: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4527729/ Ulf