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  1. Bobby2626

    212 plus

    Thanks for the information but I just play live and don't do any recording. But that's good to know anyway.
  2. Bobby2626

    212 plus

    Ok Thanks I've started removing all my speaker cabs in my patches. And using the speaker models in PC212 they sound much better then the Helix cab speakers. The bypass thing is you always have to remember to hit it when you change to a new patch. I going to edit all my patches it will take some time but when I'm done I will rock! Thanks Man....
  3. yo! Brue, I just got my PC212 and I want to use let say the cream speaker. Now in my Helix do I have to bypass the speaker cab in the patch so the cream speaker in the PC212 will work and sound right.

  4. Bobby2626

    212 plus

    yea man! I got my PC212 plus today. I would like to know if I choose a speaker lets say the cream will my Helix see the speaker in the PC212 and do I have to bypass the cab in the patch in the Helix?
  5. Bobby2626

    212 plus

    I was just wondering I want to buy the Power cab 212 plus and everywhere I've looked on line in my town of south Fla. nobody has them. To buy on line you have to wait like a month or more. Is it that they don't have any made yet.
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