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  1. Doesn't really matter if it "lines up". At least give me a line as a target so I can get levels in the right ballpark.
  2. Interesting. Why not more than zero? The meters on my Fractal gear tends to match almost exactly with the meters on my Focusrite interface mixer, and those show above zero. When I configure the Helix the same way, 0dB on my external meters isn't jiving with the top of the range on the meters on the Helix. I'm probably missing something.
  3. Actually, I think the gain reduction meters in the comp block have units, which is definitely useful.
  4. At least give me a 0db marking. That's all I really need. It's useful.
  5. Ha! It's not a deal breaker or anything I'll cry over. I get along just fine with what I already have. Just a little thing that struck me as an odd implementation choice. Maybe we'll see an update in 3.0.
  6. That's just...odd. I've used external meters forever to get my patches in the neighborhood of being "level", or at least where I need them to be given our FOH system. Was hoping to rely on the output meters on the unit but if they're just a green bar, what's the point of them?
  7. Educate me on this point. I see meters for output, but without any graduations or numbers. Is this right?
  8. Convenience and audio quality. I can certainly connect the Axe using analog outputs, it's just that the PC+ advertises that AES is an option, and so far I haven't found that to be the case.
  9. What Axe-Fx version? III? There are some reporting that their II works with it, which was my experience. But the III doesn't seem to.
  10. Yep, tried two different AES 110 ohm cables, and 2 different plain XLR cables with the same result. Of course, L6Link works great from the Helix. Plain audio from the Axe-III also works great as you might expect. Also, I have two Axe-Fx III's. Neither of them works with either PC plus.
  11. Nope, same result with one PC Plus connected. Cliff confirmed that I have the III set up properly.
  12. I configured my Axe-Fx III to send AES to my two Powercab Plus 112's. Axe-Fx III AES Output > Powercab Plus AES input > PC Plus AES Output > 2nd PC Plus AES input. I get static, dropouts, loud cracks and pops, and sometimes it sounds like it switched to flat mode despite the display showing Speaker mode. I am using 110 ohm AES cables for the connections, and they work perfectly with my Helix and L6Link to the Powercabs. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Karl_Houseknecht


    Completely disagree. Kemper and Fractal tuners are granular and accurate AND stable. I can't tell you why the Helix tuner acts the way it does, but that's not a valid excuse for it.
  14. I love the name for the BE/HBE model. You know that's a burn on everyone that's been begging for it forever. And I don't care. I want.
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