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  1. Thanks! This is excellent news, especially as I’ve just bought a Prophet 08...
  2. I play both guitar and keyboard in my new band, often in the same song. I have a Roland P-330 piano module. I’m wondering if there’s a way I can send program change messages from my HD500 to change patch on the Roland at the same time as changing preset on the Pod, i.e having a preset for each song in the set that automatically switches the piano patch along with the guitar. I know midi control isn’t fully implemented on the HD so I may be wanting the impossible.
  3. I had a 5150 mkI head back in the day (was never a metal guy, was more Smashing Pumpkins kind of thing at the time). I loved that amp, went from Who-esque classic rock to meltdown and cleaned up beautifully with the volume control. Never found it too harsh, too bright, too fizzy. But, like Robbie61, I ran it through a Marshall 4x12. The first time I played one through it's own Peavey cab I got a shock. The bees! The bees! The Marshall cab really seemed to round it out and take the edge off.
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