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  1. Yes! Finally snatched Native last night for €70 plus tax. Awesome discount, thanks L6!
  2. Bangha

    Cali 76 vs Helix

    The Cali 76 has certainly become one of the most sought after compressor pedals in the guitar world. Although I've heard wonderful clips with it, I've yet to play one (I do have their SlideRig compact deluxe which is awesome!) I'm curious if any one of you guys out there has one and if you've tried to replace it or a/b it with Helix. If so, what was your compressor block of choice and how close can you come to the Cali with Helix?
  3. Bangha

    Metronome for Helix (Patch included)

    Ah, good point. Not sure where the file went first time around. It's there now! The patch is really simple, in short a tone generator into a tremolo set to a square wave.
  4. Bangha

    Metronome for Helix (Patch included)

    and oh, lower your volume! It might be loud!
  5. Hi everyone. I was working through a few tough passages and didn't have a metronome handy so I made one for Helix and I thought I'd share in case any of you can benefit. The patch is really self explanatory. "Metronome" turns the click on and off. "8ths" subdivides the beat into 8th notes so you don't have to tap like mad men/women if you need a faster click. (It also slightly shifts the duty cycle to make the click slightly less unpleasant.) "EXP 2" Controls click level, dial it in at will. For funsies, play along with the click, then kill it for a few bars and then swell it back in to see if you managed to stay on course! Set the tempo via TAP, or as you probably already know, touching the tap button will allow you to enter the tempo window and use a rotary encoder for more precision. Once you download the file, make sure to change the file extension to .hlx and import using your editor. Do say thanks if you like it our use it or drop in with any comments! Enjoy the weekend, Metronome.txt
  6. Bangha

    Inconsistent and inaccurate Tuner!!!

    I'm not sure what you are trying to say. You said, "Point is L6 it's not wasting its time reading forums". I said, yes they are, in fact the product manager himself is aware of the problem and the scale of it. He has posted in the massive tuner threads and has chosen to not express his stance regarding a fix or not, although he has been clear about his frustration and reluctance about it.
  7. Bangha

    Inconsistent and inaccurate Tuner!!!

    Agreed, and a few weeks ago created a thread specifically with that purpose in mind. I made sure to ask as politely as I could considering English isn't my first language, still, scroll down to DI's response... http://line6.com/support/topic/27957-line-6-can-we-please-have-your-perspective-concerning-helix-tuner-issues/
  8. Bangha

    Inconsistent and inaccurate Tuner!!!

    Hi Pier, Actually, they do read the forums at least a few of them, and are actually aware of the tuner situation. I may be wrong, but I believe the most active L6 member on the forum is actually product manager for Helix. That is precisely the person we should hope would make a difference, but that is not the case.
  9. Bangha

    Inconsistent and inaccurate Tuner!!!

    I most deeply and sincerely second your feelings. Prepare to enter the twilight zone though. L6 and affiliates are very sensitive regarding the tuner and will defend it and deny any issue to the point of absurdity regardless that it's a big bunch of us (including professional musicians) who have concrete evidence there is a problem. I love my Helix, but I have been severely let down but L6 and associates unprofessional and occasionally rude way of handling of this specific issue. Still, for what it's worth, let the tuner crusades begin again!
  10. Because that would just make perfect sense, and it all points to the fact that Line 6, and their aggregates and minions have apparently chosen not to make sense on this one. They just keep sweeping the big problem under a very tiny rug but it keeps popping out the other end. It's your fault that you can't use a jumpy tuner. If you were granular and smart enough you'd make sense of it. It's the emperors new clothes I tell ya. Your video should worry them, it shows a clear issue yet they come back either offended, questioning your choice of words and telling you to use another tuner, because the €1500 computer you purchased for all things guitar doesn't work as well as the €8 clip on. The proverbial middle finger to customers. Just appalling, but highly entertaining! I've been trying to reason with the minions for too long Robbie, make your point but don't expect any coherent replies. I feel your pain!
  11. Robbie, thanks for taking the time out to make that video. It shows the problem many of us are seeing. In my case tuner jumps around even more, worse on the lower pitched strings. It'd certainly be in everyone's interest to have this addressed.
  12. DI, thanks for stepping up to bat and taking your personal time to write back. Customers asking for answers for a widespread problem of a core function (critical for many) on an official forum branded Line 6 Helix is not ludicrous, out of line or unexpected behavior. Courteously asking for the company’s take on isn’t so either. The half a dozen or so tuner threads reflect a widespread problem that would undoubtedly benefit from widespread answer. A support ticket does not provide such platform, mass media such as this forum does. We are all on the same boat, here on our own time and dime. As much as I would rather discuss signal flow, reverse delays into distorted parallel compressed tremolos and the likes, I am still stuck trying to tune my guitar. I appreciate you may be irritated by threads like these but the ball is in Line 6’s court. No coding needed. “Yes, we’ll fix it†“No we won’t†“We’re looking into it†“Buy an extra clip-on†would suffice to put this all to rest. NDA’s concerning future product updates make perfect sense. An answer concerning a ,for many faulty, core component simply does not.
  13. Be serious now. Take a deep breath, finish reading the whole sentence before replying and you'll see why it makes sense. :p
  14. Dear respected members of Line 6 staff, I did not wish to start a new thread concerning the tuner controversies you are likely aware of, however my invitation for you to pitch in on the most recent tuner thread seems to have escaped your attention. http://line6.com/support/topic/27002-tuner/ I sincerely believe the heated debate and unease about the tuner is worthy of your time, and as a faithful customer of yours I too feel the right and need to know what your stance is regarding the situation. Are you aware of the issues many of us are facing, and more importantly, will they be addressed? Please let us put this situation to bed. Dear forum members, please don't turn this into a discussion thread. If the tuner works for you that's wonderful, I am aware there are many others in your situation. I also know there are many in mine. If you would like to further discuss please use the thread mentioned above. Let see keep this space open for Line 6 to let the us know their thoughts. Do feel free to somehow sign, or support this "petition" below. Thanks for your help! B
  15. Bangha


    I know you're in here somewhere!