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  1. Hello I replay because I have used the word "inaccurate" and I think to know what it means!!! First of all sorry for my english I'm from Italy and I do my best to explain what I Think!!! No one doubts that the tuner Helix can read up to 0.01 cents. The problem is that what it shows does not match this. When the green segment is stable my note at 440Hz could be accurate to 0.01 or 0,2 cents! for example ( I'm not sure about the lag) Now even if the potential of the tuner is 0.01 but did not properly notify you understand well that the result in this case is a poor accuracy! Now that you have explained to me that the problem is in the granularity I understand that is not a tuner problem but the tuner interface. The reality is that we have to do with user interface and not with the design. Then I do not understand why you make a tuner so accurate and then measure it in no accurate way! I gladly accept the explanation and commitment to improve the granularity but do not understand why it's difficult to accept that for someone it is more important than others to have a tuner with a more precise feedback. I heard some comments saying "if you are in tune with the band then it is ok" ... .. "the Peterson is used for other purposes not for the guitar" ... .Well I will be strange but when I tune my guitar with Peterson my guitar to my ears sounds better! Then it is true with the pressure on the strings and tremolo everything is relative but since the Helix as you say is accurate up to 0.01 cent means that you think is useful that precision level otherwise you would have produced a tuner with a accuracy of 0,3 cents !!! So it would be nice that those who want can enjoy the power of the tuner with a feedback compared to 0.01 cents. Thanks anyway for answers and I trust in the updates.
  2. Ok on Youtube I found this!!! It's what I feel!! When others are moving the Helix tuner is stable!!!
  3. Goodmorning everyone. I waited more than a month before writing this post to be sure of my evaluations . I also expected an update that would solve this problem . But now I would like to compare myself with you . I own several tuners , pedal and rack . (Peterson, Turbo tuner, Korg rack, org pitch black, Danelectro). I tried several different guitars and various ways to tune . The tuner of the Helix is by far the least accurate and stable I have ever tried . I also compared with an old Danelectro I own for the past several years . The tuner will stop on the green segment even if the note is a lot off frequency. Compared to Turbo Tuner or Peterson I own, when Helix gives me the green others are a lot moving the strobe!!! Too bad because the Helix in my opinion marks a very important step for us guitarists. a tuner of this kind is not acceptable on such a sophisticated instrument. I've a little recording studio and I play live and in my opinion The Helix tuner is unusable in both situation. Is this a bug that Line 6 can fix with an update??? What do you think? Best regards. Andrea
  4. thank you that makes sense!
  5. Hi everybody I'm from Italy and I apology for my english. This is my question: when I run my Helix in 4cm with my Two rock, wich is the difference between putting a loop insert or a separate send and return in the path? in the Line 6 tutorial I see they suggest send and return separated.....but in the templates in the Helix there is a loop!!! There is any difference, the sound change?? Thanks for the replays. best regards Andrea
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