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  1. Has anyone been able to create the Santana Messa Boogie King Snake tone with Helix? Cheers Mark
  2. Thanks for this. I’m fortunate to know a really good tech who’s changed the foot switches several times and will probably get it up and running but it’s always good to ask the questions first so I can share other users experience. I forgot to turn it off for a couple of days and when I did turn it back on from that the screen stopped working. Wondered if it over heated. cheers
  3. Hi, I’ve just sent one in. I just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem and new what caused it. cheers Mark
  4. My Helix floor unit’s main screen is black, no graphics showing. The scribble streets are still working and the unit itself works, I have sound but no graphics on the main screen. I have tried a reboot to factory settings but nothing. It seems something has failed inside the unit. Has anyone experienced this issue at knows what caused it as it’s out of warranty so I’ll need to use a local tech to have it fixed. cheers Mark
  5. Thank you I did the reboot and I have my screen back, many thanks for your help.
  6. Help! I accidentally sent the power mic 48v out of TC Helicon voice live into my Helix send/return imputes. Will it damage it as my screen has gone black when turned on the Helix but everything else seems to be working.?
  7. I wondered if it was possible to load the Bayou speaker model from the Powercab into the helix as an IR.
  8. Hi, ‘I don’t seem to be able to play music via usb while in speaker mode to jam to without music playing through pc mode led speaker. What am I doing wrong? cheers mark
  9. Hi, Thanks for this I’ll give it a go. cheers
  10. Hi Ulef, Absolutely I’ve come to the same conclusion. I’ve ordered my powercab so looking forward to it. I’ve been using the a pair of line 6 L3t’s up till now both as studio monitors and for live use so I’m looking forward to trying the powercab. How have you found the powercab? Cheers Mark
  11. Hi Thanks for the information I did read the manual and wondered if someone had done a work around. cheers mark
  12. Hi my question is can you plug-in headphones into a power cab plus 2x12 and listen to the cabs speaker emulations etc? Cheers Mark
  13. Hi, I’m looking for some help with buying one or two Powercab plus. At present I have a L3t and L3m which I run my Helix through, it’s a bit of an overkill because I don’t gig, I bought them to use as studio monitors with the option to gig in the future which is now unlikely. The Powercab plus seems the way to go for home and small venues but I’d like to know the sound quality when playing music through them in flat mode for monitoring recordings and jamming, I have some small Alesis 520 monitors as well. I would sell my Stagesource speakers if the Powercab plus will serve my purposes. Thanks Mark
  14. Many thanks for this I will check everything you’ve suggested. Thanks !ark
  15. Thank you this is so helpful. I think it will be much easier just to put the Helix in the front of the amp like a regular pedal board. The only thing I’ve found when doing that is it’s noisy. There seems to be some electrical interference somewhere, any ideas? thanks again
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