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  1. An interesting idea, but I don't really do any wet effects anyways. Pretty much all boosted high gain all the time. May mess around with dual amp setups, but that's about it.
  2. As stated in the title I'd like to have my monitors, Headrush FRFR, and Poweramp + cab hooked up simultaneously so I can jump between sources as I feel without having to move cables around. I'm planning to accomplish this by having the monitors in the main outs, the poweramp to the right send (effects loop is left), and then feed the FRFR with the headphone out. I know I could use the headphone out as a send, but that means sacrificing the effects loop which I don't want to do Is there any issue running a mono signal out via a TRS to XLR to feed the FRFR? Is there a better way to route things to do what I want?
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