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  1. I have a Helix Floor that I use for solo acoustic gigs (very small rooms), running my acoustic guitar and vocal mic through the Helix and out to 2 x L2T speakers, one on a stand and the other as a wedge monitor in front of me. Guitar/mic signals out of the Helix via L/R XLR outputs into the 2 channels of one of the L2T's, which are connected via L6Link. I also play electric guitar through the Helix, but have not gigged on electric for a few years, so a while back I ditched my DT50 + 4x12 cab and have since been playing only on headphones or occasionally through an L2T. I'm looking at the Powercab 112 Plus as an upgrade for the electric guitar setup and I'm wondering if I could sell one of the L2T's to fund the purchase without sacrificing anything in my solo acoustic setup. For a solo acoustic gig, the Powercab could be set in FRFR mode and used as a wedge monitor, correct? Can I still use the L6Link to connect the L2T and Powercab? Even without L6Link, I could still run the 2 signals from Helix to the L2T mixer, and then a Line Out from L2T to the Powercab. Am I missing anything? Thanks.
  2. I set up the 3 Note Generator to use it like Geddy Lee bass pedals as follows: Set OSC1 Octave to 1 Set OSC1 Note to whatever note Controller assign on OSC1 Level, assign it to a FS, Type Momentary, Min Value 0, Max Value 2 Repeat for OSC2 and 3, and add another 3 Note Generator for as many notes as you need So you'll have the effect On at all times, but the levels will be at zero until you step on a switch. Seems to work pretty well. I'm still getting a popping sound occasionally, but I'm trying to figure it out.
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