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  1. Totally agree! Please DIGITAL IGLOO explain us
  2. My personal Gig experience: sunday had a TV show big orchestra an loaded only the new Celestion irs- alnico blue for clean fender tones and creamback for Plexi lead (sm57 royer121 hi and low gain type). I did'nt use any hi/low cut and compared to the 2 nd guitar player in the orchestra (he use Helix as pedals only in front of a Fender deville miced only with an sm57) my sound was more intellegible and crispy than my collegue. One year ago had another live TV show and I used only the helix cab with hi cut to 3 khz. I suspect Celestion irs are ready to go irs and my suggestion is cut or add only on the amp model and dist pedal models to taste. Please Digital Igloo we need your contribution and tips.
  3. Digital Igloo Any reccomandations?
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